Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year & Happy Min's Day ^^

i really love new year coz i can wish Lee Sungmin Happy Birthday... some people said they hate new year coz they grow older... for me age is just a number.. let's fill it with a precious memories...
to my aegyo prince see you next month.. i mean a few days more in bangkok & singapore .. promise !!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

bye bye 2010

december already.... so many things happened during the year 2010.. some were sad & some happy... that's life... but never regret it.. even the bad memories will give me a good memories... what the hell i'm talking about hahhaha.. i don't have any idea rite now.. long time i didnt write in my blog... just wanna write something... i'll will always update this blog...

to people who asked bout SS3 in Malaysia.. i'm so sorry until now i don't know will there be SS3 in Malaysia...

i'll be heading to Singapore & Bangkok next month.. i'll make sure that i'll never missed any Super Show.. since SS1..

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

why some people so greedy TT_TT

this is totally pissed me off... how can some people so greedy.. why this happen in suju fandom.. i'm not sure whether they are suju fans or not.. the price already expensive.. but some people did bought the tix & then suddenly sell in in a higher price.. i'm not kidding i really hate that person who did that.. so ashamed to acknowledged they are an ELF...everybody try hard to buy the tix.. the one who really wanna watch suju perform .. but this greedy fella really makes them cry... IF YOU DON'T WANNA GO DON'T BUY IT!!.. GTH TO THOSE PEOPLE!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

what a hectic life.. TT_TT

i'm sooo busy lately.. so many things need to be done.. home... class... office... at one time i felt so depressed... gosh... wanna cry like hell...

but think posotive.. that all gonna be settle only the matter of time.. at last one by one settle.. now.. i'm gonna relax a bit.. huhuhu fangirling mood activated again...

gonna make sure 2011 it gonna be a blast year for me.. i really need a vacation...

i miss lots of things.. yesterday SS3 Nanjing.. i really miss the boys... gonna search every fancam & also watch video of them...

to be honest i due to time constraint i only watch SS2 DVD once.. huhuhu bad ELF... i really wanna watch it again with a peaceful mind.. by the way i saw a glance of me & my friend in the DVD hahahahahahahah daebak!!!.

during that time i notice the cameraman.. i was like.. OMG!! the cameraman & then i told my friends & we like sit down & behave ourselves hahahhahaha..

Thursday, October 21, 2010

SUPER SHOW 3 Malaysia Update

Today Redstar who suppose to be the Organizer SS3 just make an annnoucement at their twitter & Fb that they will not incharge for the SS3 in Malaysia... seems SME gave the rights to another organizer to organize the event.. there are still no news bout the organizer.. the date & also the venue.. all we can do now is pray that there will be SS3 in Malaysia & no changes & date of the SS3..

i'm not sure the reason why SME change the Organizer but most of Malaysian fans kinda know the reason...

to be honest... i feel numb & sad... Redstar really a good Organizer.. one of Reliable organizer in Malaysia.

Redstar hwaiting!!!

& to whoever the new organizer i hope they will do at least same as redstar or better then them... i'll support whoever the organizer who will manage the event...

i'll update if there is news about the SS3 in Malaysia...

Monday, October 18, 2010

SS2 DVD order...

[DVD] Super Junior-The 2nd Asia Tour-Super Show 2 (Out Case/Slim Digipack) - 2DVD - Special Color Photobook - Concert Making Film

★ Concert Date : 2009.07 (in Seoul) * Region Code : All * Running time : Total 216min (D1 90min / D2 126min) * Subtitle : Korean, Japanese, Chinese * 1.85 :1 Anamorphic Widescreen

●DISC 1 [SUPERJUNIOR The 2ND ASIA TOUR “SUPER SHOW 2”] 01.Intro 02.갈증 (A man in love) 03.U 04.너라고 (It’s you) 05.그녀는 위험해 (She wants it) 06.멘트 (멤버소개 07.앤젤라 (Angela) 08.Miracle 09.Disco Drive 10.Dancing Out 11.Baby Baby_성민 12.魂[혼]_희철 13.Beautiful_동해 14.체념_예성 15.Insomnia_려욱 16.7년간의 사랑_규현 17.What if 18.이별… 넌 쉽니 19.Honey_이특 20.Doc와 춤을 + Run to you_강인 21.Don’t don 22.Twins

● DISC 2 [SUPERJUNIOR The 2ND ASIA TOUR “SUPER SHOW 2”] 01.우리들의 사랑 (Our love) 02.Puff the magic dragon 03.Who am I_시원 04.당신이기에 05.迷 [Me] 06.Shining Star 07.Sorry, Sorry 08.슈퍼맨 09.로꾸거!!! 10.Gee 11.꿀단지 [Sunny] 12.파자마파티 [Pajama party] 13.카니발 [Carnival] 14.소원이 있나요 15.Marry U 16.앙코르 곡 – Wonder Boy 17.멘트 [CLOSING]


I'll be taking an order to whoever who want to purchase the SS2 DVD. this include shipping fee from Korea to me.. but if you want me to post it to you the price as follows :-

a) DVD collect by hand - RM115.00 (Klang Valley area)

b) DVD by postage to West Malaysia - RM115.00 + RM10.00

c) DVD by postage to East Malaysia - RM115.00 + RM15.00

note : postage by post laju. this order is same in cari forum. if you already ordered the DVD at cari, u don't need to order here.The poster will be folded if you want me to sent it to you by post.

Due date for the payment & order will be on 27/10/2010 midnite.

how to make the order? :

Please fill in the form below

1) Full name & postal Address :

2) Contact No :

3) Collect by Hand / POst :

4) Attach prove of payment

5) Quantity :

and sent all the particulars to my email

Method of Payment via Cash Deposit/Transfer/Online Banking to:A. Account MAYBANK 162263329469B (account holder: Suhaili binti Sapril)

if you want my contact number i will sent it through email

u also can link this page to your blog or forum..thank you ^^

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Can't wait go to JYJ showcase.. this sunday.. i've been waiting for this since they start announced it at Facebook.. ^^ 3 days more to go ^^ try to take some photo ^^

Saturday, October 9, 2010

2nd batch order for wristband

Finally the 2nd order for wristband opened.. due date for the order is 20/12/2010

How to order? just follow the instruction below..if you have facebook you can also visit this link!/topic.php?uid=133989363305587&topic=416

@Buy from Agent Elly (West Malaysia):
a) Those who know Agent Elly, OR
b) Able to pick up by hand (Shah Alam, Bangi etc), OR
c) Those who need postage delivery (West Malaysia) can negotiate with Agent Elly for posting location, AND
d) Purchase below 10pcs (anyone who purchase 10pcs and above can do direct order from MissJoo)

Price 1pc = RM10

1/How much?
2/Full Name and Postal Address
3/Contact No.
4/FB name
5/Pickup by hand or post
6/Attach bank-in slip/print screen internet banking

Method of Payment via Cash Deposit/Transfer/Online Banking to:
A. Account MAYBANK 162263329469
B. Make sure that you key in the right digits (account holder: Suhaili binti Sapril)
C. Provide (1) to (6) details above in your e-mail and send to emel

*Those who purchase below 10pcs, if you DEMAND FOR POSLAJU, please add up RM7 to your fees, while those who purchase more than 10pcs the POSLAJU fees are waived.

*****CLOSING DATE: 20th DECEMBER 2010*****

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Carta Hit Korea dia Station Radio Era ^^

Malaysian ELF and all ELF from other country... one of Malaysia Radio Station launched one segment called "Carta Hit Korea Di Era" known as Korean Hit Charts..

If you have Facebook Account, you can just click LIKE at the Video. Bonamana is one of the list.. Lets make suju daebak!!!

you can vote it here "-

Friday, October 1, 2010

JYJ showcase live in Malaysia ^^

first time i'm going to watch them.. i'm not a cassie but i support them.. i really wanna watch their performance... they are talented young man.. if you guys want toe see them in Malaysia you can go here... even you from outside the country try to be familiar with it coz coz marctensia will be the same event management for SS3 ^^

JYJ New Album
Showcase Tour 2010 in Malaysia
K-pop Super Boyband tours Malaysia with a brand new album featuring Kayne West and Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins.

30 September 2010: Redstar Presents Sdn. Bhd. is proud to announce a spectacular debut performance of Korean Super-Boyband JYJ New Album Showcase Tour in Malaysia, kicking off on 17 October 2010, Stadium Negara at 2pm afternoon. Following the success of bringing the concert of Super Junior “Super Show 2” earlier in March, Redstar Presents is producing another hit k-pop show that will bring Malaysia by storm. The event is managed by Marctensia.

JYJ comprises of three members from South Korea namely Kim Jaejung, Park Yuchun and Kim Junsu. They were originally from the boy band Dongbangshinki also known as “TVXQ” and “Tohoshinki” which is formed in 2003 in Korea. Known for their good looks, dancing skills and vocal capabilities, the boys took the Asian pop music market by storm. They were the first group to successfully spearhead the 2nd Korean Music wave into the Japanese market by becoming the first non Japanese act to have nine No. 1 singles on Japan’s Oricon Charts. In 2009, the trio left the band and went on to form JYJ. In June 2010, JYJ held their first concert under their new identity at the Tokyo Dome, singing to more than 200,000 fans from 43 countries around the world. To date, the concert DVD became the second fastest selling DVD in Japan this year shifting 140,000 copies in its first week of release.

JYJ, which includes 3 main members from arguably the biggest selling male vocal group in Asia “TVXQ” has an enormous fan base worldwide and through “TVXQ”, the trio made it to the Guinness Book Records in 2008 and 2009 for having the World’s Largest Official Fan Club at over 800,000 members in Seoul alone and being The Most Photographed Celebrities in the World shot an estimated 500 million times in magazines, albums jackets, and commercials from the time of their debut in 2003 to May 19 2009 with their former group.
JYJ is embarking on an 8 city new album showcase tour from the 15th of Oct to the end of November in Asia and the US as follows:




15th October


17th October

Hong Kong

24th October


30th October


7th November

New York

12th November


13th November

San Francisco

14th November


19th November

Malaysia’s Ticket Pre-sale Event is fixed on This Sunday, October 2nd, 11am at Fahrenheit 88 Shopping Mall, formerly KL Plaza. Ticket prices are categorized into RM103 seating, RM203 free seating , RM253 numbered seated, RM303 rock zone standing, RM800 VIP numbered seated. The VIP tickets, are very limited in quantity, will entitled the fans to be up-close and group photo session with JYJ themselves.

The first single off the album “Ayyy Girl” is produced by Kanye West who lends his vocals to the song. It also features the maestro of spoken word, Malik “The Poet” Yusef. It’s a song that depicts the quest of seeking that perfect girl but when you find her, things are never quite as perfect as you envision it to be.

Besides the catchy first single by Kanye West, The Beginning also sees original compositions by top music producer Rodney “Darkchild” Jerkins. The two tracks are “Empty” and “Be My Girl”.

“I’m really glad to work with JYJ on their debut album. It’s all about the East meeting the West these days and the world is becoming a melting pot of various cultures. To have Kanye and myself champion the cause of unifying the world through the international language of music and introducing top artistes from one end of the globe to this end in America makes this a very special project to us” adds Rodney Jerkins.

The album comprises of 7 tracks and 3 remixes. Jae Chong, one of Asia’s leading music producers has also contributed a track on it and played a big role in organizing and producing the overall project with the 3 members.

For more information, please contact hotline at 03 2092 1199 or 019 827 9898 log on to

Monday, September 20, 2010

SS3 Wristband ^^

finally i received the wristband today... i'm so happy. they are so beautiful.. ^^ i'm wearing it now hahahahah... thanks to Miss Joo for the excellent creation.. i can't wait to wear it during SS3..i ordered it during 1st batch...

miss joo did said that she will open 2nd batch order but the price will be different from 1st batch..the price during 1st batch was RM10 but the 2nd batch i'm not sure how much... she will update me when she opened the order..

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Postponed of SS3 Malaysia Pre-Sale Tickets due to request by fans..

cr redstar present fb

Due to many request by Malaysian Fans... the pre-sale ticket of the SS3 which should be sold on September will be postponed to another date.. Redstar Present the organizer of SS3 in Malaysia posted on their FB pages.. they did the change coz most of the fans said that they need to time to save the money for the concert.. most of them are high school & university student... so they need to save their money for the concert..

but don;t worry the date of the concert not gonna change.. the SS3 will be the same on 26/3/2011 at same time & same place stated before...

Redstar Present promised to give further notice bout the pre-sale date.. since the date of the concert is on March.. will update my blog soonest i get infor from Redstar ^^

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir & Batin Kepada Semua Kaum Muslimin & Muslimat

kejap jer dah masuk bulan Syawal.. tak sempat nk post aper2 mase Raya hari tuh... bz kekdahnyer... mana ta nyer sumer mende nak wat time tuh.. since cuti tak banyak... nangis.. seb baik bos bagi cuti free sehari sebelum raya... lega sikit...

pagi raya tuh macam2 hal.. antaranyer kak long ku mase basuh gelas tetiba tangan dia luka.. sebab bibir gelas tuh tajam sgt... PAGI RAYA LAK TUH... dia pi kat aku kata tangan dia luka... sambil jari dia pegang luka tuh.. so ingat luka kecik.. sekali dia tunjuk kat aku.. berdarah banyak... honestly aku memang rase cam nak pengsan.. aku bukan buleh tgk darah cengitu... rase cam nak muntah pun ada.. last2 tk der choice pagi tuh terus pi Pusat RawatannAzzahrah.. seb baik bukak.. & tak pasal2 kena jahit... pagi tuh bangun awal ingat nak sembahyang subuh lepas mandi sunat.. last2 subuh gajah terus.. aper2 pun ok ler settle gak sebelum start sembahyang raya... balik umah puln mandi.. sembahyang & pi kubur.. kli nih sambutan ala kadar jer.. tak der excited sgt... janji adik beradik & saudara mara berkumpul... the best part.. MAKAN!!!! YUMMY YUMMY... SO MANY PRECIOUS FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDSSS ekeke.. gaining weight like crazy... hahahaha

Thursday, September 2, 2010

the wristband...the final

cr : missjoo

remember that i posted bout one of Malaysian ELFs project for SS3 the wristband... here are the finalhow the wristband look like..

what do you guys think? pretty rite... i can't wait to get it hehehhe.. since the 1st batch close already .. there will be 2nd batch for it.. but no info bout the price & when will the order will be opened.. for now i link you to the FB page it easier for you to make the order to the owner ^^..

Monday, August 30, 2010

my Super Show Tickets

It started on 2008 first Super Junior Concert in Bangkok Thailand.. my true addiction hahhaa.. i calculate in Ringgit Malaysia for the concert tickets i spent almost RM2000

in SS1 i only went to Bangkok Thailand coz it nearer to Malaysia..

SS2 i went the first day at seoul ... 2 days & then on Bangkok i went 2 days... & lastly in Malaysia 1 day... in total 5 days i went to the concert..

the best part i watched different performance in SS2 especially the dance battle, gee & chu performance... & also kyu different solo performance..

didn't i feel bored to watched the same performance? no.. i think you asked the wrong person.. for me, Super Junior never makes me feel bored. their performance is enjoyable.. & creative... that is why i love them..

Friday, August 27, 2010

SS3 fever started hahaha

ottoke.... last nite i had a dream... lor.. i think i keep thinking bout the SS3 hahahahha... dreamt about SS3 in Malaysia... lor... the concert will be next year... i can't wait & feel excited bout it..

waiting bout the pre-sale date info from the organizer.. when will they release the pre-sale date.. i hope it will not be postponed.. since i already reserved my money for the tix..

hopefully it gonna be soon.. Redstar hwaiting!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Malaysian ELF project for SS3

as usual i'm spreading the news only hehehehe..
calling Malaysian ELF or any foreigner ELF who planning to go to Malaysia SS3.. if you want to see super junior wear Baju Melayu (Our National Costume) please visit this site & please state your name & your age

Monday, August 16, 2010

i really love Shake it up dance step... ^^

my favourite performance so far in SS3... thanks to the person who get to record this video... even i can;t make it to seoul this time.. but watching some fancam totally make my day...

credit elfancam @ yt for uploading & sharing this.. can;t wait SS3 in Malaysia...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

SS3 in seoul 14 &15/8/2010

yesh SS3 in seoul ended already.. now i'm waiting for SS3 in Malaysia which will only be happened next year 26/3/2011.. will wait for a loooooongggg time rite... heheheheh yeah will wait patiently..

this time sooooo many hot scene.. i'm gonna scream like hell if that happened in Malaysia..i really hope it woould't happened... some people gonna bash me if they saw my post hear... yeah you can called me outdated whatever.. i don't care.. i love Super Junior coz of their talent not their hot body... i think the boys will thankful if they knew coz of their talent.. but what they did that coz fan service... :p

so anybody wanna came to Malaysia for the SS3.. i'll be welcoming you with open arm... let's enjoy the concert girls...

wanna know which performance that i really wanna watch? mine would be Shake it up.. what about you? hehehehe

i know some of pink pumpkin got shocked coz of sungmin solo performance... i wouldn't lie... me too.. ok.. that's not the kind of performance that i expecting... i really wanna see your talent min... you can do martial art dance... or other dance.. coz i know you are a really good dancer... if you wanna dance.. but whatever.. as long you have fun i'll always happy for you...i close my eyes.. hahahahahaha & then i scream my lung out... can? i might think about it hahahahahahahaha

My girlfriend is gumiho...

currently been watching this drama... Lee Seung Ki as Dae woong & Mi ah as gumiho..

i really love this drama.. comedy romantic genre is my favourite.. i don't like a heavy drama...

my head gonna be hurt if i watched that kind of drama.. but this drama is love..

Seungki sang the OST.. daebak!! love the song...happy watching you can watch it at viikii..

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Selamat Berpuasa Kepada semua Muslimin dan Muslimat

setelah hampir setahun menghilang.. Ramadhan tiba lagi.. Alhamdulillah kerana tahun ini masih lagi berkesempatan untuk menunaikan ibadah puasa...

ambil kesempatan di bulan mulia ini untuk membuat ibadah sebanyak mungkin.. semoga ibadah kita diterima yang Maha Esa... amin...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

new post from me mtvworldstage

as we all know last saturday mtvworldstage was held in Sunway lagoon Malaysia... actually my friend yana got the pass... she got only 2 passes.. she did sma to me about that.. but i said to her it's ok she can pick anybody to join her to the show.. i have no problem bout it... i don't want her to be trouble bout that.. i know she will have a hard time to choose between us.. for me its ok.. she deserve to choose whoever she want..

but she said she want to give it to me as a birthday present... i kinda shocked & touched.. actually for me.. a wish is good enough.. remember my birthday enough... she didn't have to do that.. but i'm so thankful coz she thought bout me.. Then i got another sms that she can;t make it to the show coz she need to look after her niece.. at first i felt guilty... i really hope that she didn't sacrifice her passes just to make her friends happy.. i feel very very bad.. but she called me she said she;'s ok... so i went there after

so that day.. it was raining heavily.. me & hadiff looked for a raincoat... we managed to buy it.. so we wore it during the show...

it was fun but to time consuming.. they said technical problem caused by the rain.. yeah right.. i almost loose my patient... wanna go back early.. but thinking that yana gave me the passes i should not waste it.. some other people really wanna go but they didn't manage to get the passes so i just wait until the show finished... we manage to see wonder girls.. tokio hotel & katty perry... they are totally good performer..

tokio hotel totally amazed me.. i never knew that their song really good.. lor so long i've not listen to an english song hahahaha.. but yeah i fell for them.. they got my attention ^^... love ya..

wonder girls ok.. they did try their best to communicate with the audience.. kinda nervous but i gave them credit ^^..

here some LQ fancam from me.. only took them with my hp ekekekek..

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Super Junior Ever-Lasting Friends Sapphire Blue Project for SS3Malaysia

credit as tagged
as usual i've been looking around surfing & suddenly i saw this project... kinda affordable & wasn't my project... it is a project by i

Super Junior Ever-Lasting Friends Sapphire Blue Project for SS3Malaysia FB...

i just doing some free promotion hehehe.. during SS2 Malaysia.. remember the shining star project.. it was a blast.. so this time lets make a new project to make another memory.. ^^

so if you interested to order the writband.. you can order it through this FB link...if you from another country you can try to asked the girl using the email address stated at the site..!/photo.php?pid=138479&o=all&op=1&view=all&subj=133989363305587&aid=-1&id=100000752728737&oid=133989363305587

due date of this project 31/8/2010..

if you have question you have to asked from the person incharge of the project ok.. not me...

as u all know i'm only spreading the news about the project.. ^^

Sunday, July 25, 2010

100725 Broga Hill Semenyih....with Havoc gang

It's been a while i didn't do a photoshoot.. beside stalking... photograpy one of my passion.. this time we climb a hill hahahah..

to reach there it took us more than 40 minutes.. the track was sooo what should i say.. emmm ok ler.. for me it thrilling... hahahhaa..

my leg hurt..the track slippery even it was no raining... if you want to climb the hill please make sure you have lotsssss of stamina... thank god coz i went to gym... it helps me alot.. the other thing... kuat semangat... huhuhu if not you might quit...

but when we reached up the hill.. OMG the scenery is sooo amazing... so beautiful... i never regret climbed it.. but if you ask me whether i want to climb it again... i maight reconsider it hahahaha..

some pictures as an eyes candies

Monday, July 19, 2010

i can accept it now

past fews day my mood being down coz sungmin deleted his twitter account.. of coz i'm sad.. thet's the only way i can send messages to him .. well almost coz lotssss of fans tweeted him so my post kinda "tenggelam".. i'm not lucky.. yeah min did tweeted back fans... gosh so jealous...

all i know that he kinda bz practising & preparing for SMtown COncert, SJ KRY Concert & SS3 asia tour which will be started next month...

one of his twitter friends said that he's bz preparing for that.. so he didn't have time to check all of twitter, cyworld & maybe some official site.. but i guess it's ok now..

hope to see him again... in twitter..but the other members will update too so i'm not to worry..

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sungmin Deleted his twitter Account

I feel so sad... i can't tweet him anymore... T___________________T

Friday, July 16, 2010

SS3 in Malaysia confirmed on 26/3/2011

ELF get ready save your money now.. hahhahah last nite Redstar Present the organizer of SS2 in Malaysian announced that the date of Super Show 3 in Malaysia is on 26/3/2011 on Saturday at Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil same venue as SS2.

The tix pre-sale will be started maybe on September this year... ekekek since it raya.. so i have to say sorry to my cousin no angpow for this year... cruel me.. no ler i'm just being bad hahahhahaa..

so lets rock the stadium ok !!!prepare yoursleves coz this time i think it really hard to get the best seat spot hahahha..

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our Photo with Brian Joo

actually i didn't know that we can take picture with him.. all i know is we can shakehand with him.. let me tell you something... Brian definitely a humble.. funny... dorky... handsome... cute .. i totally enjoy the showcase... since he can speak english very well so no problem to understand him.. heheh

he even be a guest at 8tvnitelive .. hahahah that show was so havoc with his apperance.. hahaha i was laughing like crazy... hahahaha..

i really love you brian... please come again to Malaysia.. maybe if you can't make a concert but at least a showcase but this time you should do it at a bigger place.. coz you already caught Malaysian fans Heart... ^^

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

that!!! the button~!!!!!!

lor i've been using my lumix Fz18 since 2008.. from that year i've been searching for one particular function!!!! TT_TT the function that i can take lots of pictures in one snap... huhuhu the stupid thing i only knew it last sunday.. huwa huwa huwa!!!! rase cam... buduh2... naper ler tak pasan langsung button...

the funniest thing was... i always push that button... OMG!!! i feel sooooo sooooo sooo stupid.... i only knew the button was to delete picture adoiyai!!!! hahahhahahahahaha...

i can't stop ketuk2 my head ler... selama nih amik picture satu2... argh!!! what kind of stalker who did that??? lor it only me huhuhu...

learnt my lesson huhuhuh i'll remember that button....forever... hahahhahahahahha

Monday, July 12, 2010

100710 brian joo showcase live in Malaysia

i went to Brian Joo showcase becoz he tweet me hahahha.. actually my friends yana & hadiff keep tweeting him... i told them if Brian tweet another tweet bout showcase in Malaysia i'll go to his showcase... i didn't mean he tweet me directly... if he tweet like..."i'm having a showcase in Malaysia on 10th July" should be enough.. but he tweet me directly i was going crazy hahahaha.... OMG OMG OMG.... that i froze.. ekekek

on 10th July i went to showcase all i can say is.. it was awesome... brian is soo funny & friendly... fan service overload... & sadly i didn't give anything to him.. i only manage to give one of my friends gift to Brian ..

yes.. we got to shakehand & also take a group picture with him... huhuhuh he look so handsome in person...

the first time i saw him was in front of the opera hhahaha.. i said... "hey.. that person looks like Brian" lol actually he is brian hahahahhaa... he walked in front of me but i only manage to take his photo with my handphone only huhuhuhuh...

then we got to enter the opera... it's a club huhuhu but during the showcase strictly no alchohol being served... we just enjoying the show...

aaa about the tattoo thing i don't think it's real... hehehhee... was it???

kenduri time

heheheheheh makan makan & makan.... i love kenduri.. where family gather around... except the cleaning part.. huhuhuh so lazy... ekekeek

i'm not suppose to do that kind of job ler..hehehhee... i'm an adult should act like an adult but... difficult coz i like to fool around with my cousin... auntie & my nenek hehehehhe..

yummy yummy fried chicken... i'm starving actually hahahhahaa

Happy belated birthday Kim Heechul

lor i forgot to post heenim birthday card.. i made the card but last week totally a hectic weekend... i got kenduri in nenek house & then lari to brian showcase ..

on sunday there was a family gathering at nenek house too..

& then i forgot to post it here...

ok here goes the marathon....

Happy birthday kim heechul may all your wish come true... may you success in whatever that you do.. ^_^..

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

No others Mv

Finally it's out!!!!! been waiting for this since the day no others audio & performance...

when i almost forgot about the MV since i'm bz & kangin entering the army...

today i went to the gym.. & when i'm back i turn on my computer.. & walla.. leen tag me with the MV hahahaha...

yes yes soo cute^^..

how can i not lovin them...

sweet rite.. like a proposal MV... min2 aaa propose me? hahhahaah

enjoy it you guys...

Monday, July 5, 2010

kangin aaa annyeong.. T_T

what a sad day... Kangin officially enter South Korea army today... even watching all the pictures make my eyes teary... the First Suju member enter the army... 2 years... seems sooo long.. but ELF already said that they will wait for your comeback..

Be strong kangin.. be healthy.. don't get hurt... make us proud of you..

we already forgive what u did.. maybe this is the best think for you.. but i'll be missing you for 2 years...

it really broke my heart when i heard news that Super Junior member will not be able to sent you.. but today i'm glad that 10 of them come to sent you off.. brotherhood....

you looks so strong but inside you're such a vulnerable young man.. kangin himnae!! & hwaiting!!!

keep in touch with Super Junior member.. it's the only way ELF know about you..

i'll be missing u & waiting for you...

Friday, July 2, 2010

when did i started to open twitter account?

shindong made me open the twitter account hahahhahaha..

to be honest i was like.. how to use this twitter?? i don;t understand the function at all.. blind blind..

but day after kinda familiar with the function.. & now most of suju member got a twitter account.. i should say thank to shindong hahhaha...

here is my twitter account..

my sungmin....

can i spazz about sungmin a little bit?? hahaha.. i'm sorry if you guys annoyed when reading my post..

i usually don't want to spazz a lot.. but today sungmin looks so hot.. maybe only me hahahaha...

sorry sungmin.. after i went to the beast showcase... i almost almost... fell for yoseop... OMG!! was that consider i've been cheating on you.. i totally miss u.. u never tweet anything??? for this long... i'm waiting for you... then all of the sudden i got pass to beast showcase... so how?? huhuhuhuh that yoseop look so cute.. it make me thinking about you too...

then... today.. i realized that.. nobody can steal my heart from you.. you know that.. should u be proud of that... aish!! i must be crazy writing this.. as you can read this.. puhahahahhaha...u don't even know i'm exist don't you... as long as you happy i'm happy for you... that's true fans should act rite...

i'll be waiting you at SS3... till then... i try my best to keep my heart & my eyes only for you.. hehehhe...

no others 1st performance

Did you guys watch it??? OMG i'm totally love the performance.. the song... the dance.. it was sooo soooo relaxing & refeshing.. seeing them on stage smilin from start until the end of the performane... wargh!! i'm so like... smilin ekekekkekeke... they look so cute... playing around on the stage.. only they can do this kind of performance hahhaha i'm biased..

flying kiss.. wargh!!!! i was like grabbing all the flying kiss they been throwing... huhuhuh thank god there were no other people in my house... ekekkekeke

loving their new look.. the best art all of them got line.. even shindong... u know shindong.... u got a very nice voice too.. i really hope you can sing in another song.. remember in SUJU T.. you did sang... not rapping... lovin u shindong...

of coz not to mention my biasness over sungmin... i'll keep it in my heart hahahha... the best part when you did the flying kiss.. argh!!! that was for mer.. i was grabbing it & then keep it in my heart.. :P.. lor acting crazy.. if people saw me doing that they probably said.. that girl is crazy hahahha.. yeah i'm crazy over super junior & of coz... Lee SungMin especially ^^..

enjoy u guys...

cr uploader...

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Birthday to the best leader in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD

생 일축하합니다...생일축하합니다...사랑하는 이특씨..생 일축하합니다

all ELFs in the world pray for your happiness & healthiness...
may God bless u on your birthday..
Happy birthday to the one and only

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

First day being a SR in cari....

been an active forumner in cari since 2005... sigh.. almost 5 years.. the first to years i'm active in drama thread.... but since 2007 after the first trip to korea.... my interest changing... not to kdrama anymore.... more to kpop... who changed me? no others but SUPER JUNIOR... love of my life...

they always in my heart... starting from ss1 in bangkok... i've been an active super junior stalker ekekeke...

even in went to korea to stalk them at sukira.... & just went to korea to watched the concert... watched the musical...

nowadays.. kinda annoyed at Super Junior Thread at cari... it wasn't that i'm loosing interest to super junior... noooooo never.. i'll always gonna watched the performance.. hear the songs... watch the show... everything about them..

maybe in my own way... ^ ^ kinda free like that... i can spazz about them anytime i want.... whoever i want & whatever i want.. not particularly to just one person.. that thread is suppose to be Super Junior Thread.. not individual thread.. even i'm sungmin biased.. but i don;t like to post pictures.... or spazzing about him for maybe 2-3 pages... i know there will be people out theres totally annoyed when i did that.... argh!!! it happened before & it happened again but to a different member...

i'm sad coz i'll not be able to spazz there anymore... maybe i should find another forum to enable me to spazz about suju.. or else.. i'll be spazzing in my blog hehehehe...

this is my blog so i can do anything i want... rite!!!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part I and II) Teaser Trailer

the movie that i've been waiting for.. thank god it been separated into 2 parts...since it's going to be the last episode of the story. it should be really really good... kinda frustrated during the last episode of the movie... i even slept during the movie.. so bored...

but this time... watching the trailer makes me excited.. i must watch movie... of coz .. i never missed it from part 1 until the last one...

waiting for it patiently..

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Beast Showcase live in Malaysia

i've got a free passed since one of my friends couldn't attend the showcase coz she having a vacation...

i'm helping her to get her CD sign.. but thank to her coz i got the chance to meet BEAST..

actually the event totally messed up and unorganized.. the place not suitable coz it kinda small & then lots of fans in there so pack.. pushing? of coz.... i'm having a fever.. scared that i might pass out during the event.. but thank god nothing bad happened..

seriously more than 35 fans fainted outside the KL live.. so crazy even at one time fans asked for refund coz it already 8pm but we still can't go in...

the security sucks.. keep yelling at fans... blaming fans coz they didn't q.. actually they did Q from early in the morning but due to tiredness & also they can't get into the KL Live on time.. they lost patient...

UMM stated at their FB that fans wore or brought the t's will have the priority to enter the showcase first... totally big mistake coz... it didn't work that way...

cutting Q? of coz what are u expecting.... since the security didn't do thei job properly... no system at all.. UMM should organize this event.. please do some study on how to handle this kind of event.. this only a showcase not a concert...

honestly i'm not abig fan of Beast but i like their song... yeah.. enjoyed it even at some time i totally losing my patient too..

but this going to be a memory for me... another memory been created ^^.. here some pictures so enjoyed it...

Thursday, June 24, 2010


my exam finally over!!!! i got my life back... so starting today will be enjoying my life to the fullest weehhaaa!!! waiting for the super junior repackage album & the new songs...


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

feverrrrrrrr TT_TT

it wasn't world cup fever.. it's fever.... TT_TT i really hate this.. i seldom get the fever.. but this time it worse... maybe my body fully utilised.. no rest at all...

got panic this morning coz there was blood when i coughed... never been like that before... i saw in the movie that if they work to much they will coughed blood... that was scary..

think positive maybe due to high temperature... headache... flu.. fever... cough... complete..

tomorrow my final test.. i hope i can do it.. since i can't study at all..

after the test finish will rush to the office... i can't take MC coz i already take a leave for the whole week last week. TT_TT...

whatever i pray hard that everything gonna be alright...

thinking should i see the doctor or not..

gosh i missed gym...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

saengil cukhahaeyo Kim Ryeowook.

happy birthday to suju eternal magnae Kim Ryeowook... the angelic voice.. have a really nice birthday.. ^^

It Has To Be You - by Yesung..

i totally fall in love with this song... i went to kko kko noraebang last month.. & i sang this song twice hahahah..

of coz yesung voice totally awesome... i'm loving it..

this song totally touch my heart.. it from cinderella Siter OST but i didn;t wathed it yet.. to bz.. hopefully maybe after everything back to normal & my work done i will watch this drama..

finally my life back to normal again... ^^

finished my course.. yeah... another exam on this thursday...

hopefully my life will be back to normal again.. my precious weekend... ^^

being a fangirl again hahahhaa..

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

final week of my course... & exam

can't wait for this saturday when everything ended... not everything since i still have writing exam next week.. but after this i will be able to rest on weekend.. please come faster.

alltoday my amali exam started .. so tiring.. as usual my migrain come again... even take my medicine but it won't go.. the pain still there...

i'm so stress lately...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

friday got lots of things happen.. but the saddest thing..

my PC being caught by lightning... so sad.. my PC, Modem, plug, telephone cable all rosak...i don't know how to react... i'm tired of crying... since it so sudden... it happened twice already..

Thursday, June 10, 2010

am i suju biased???

ok i fell in love with this song called butterfly graveyard when i heard eeteuk, yesung, sungmin and eunhyuk sang it on SUKIRA.. kinda old video but not that old ler around 2009 last year only hahahhaha...

so i started to sing along with them & then i search the original singer for that song & they known as take... really good singer .. when i compare with suju member sang that song i think suju sound better huhuhuh.... how a bout you guys? do we have same opinion or i am suju bias hahahahha....but i love both version.... especially when they sang it live.... ^_^

here suju & take video

Monday, June 7, 2010

are you ready for SS3???

for me.. OF COZ!!!! but this time i try not to go outside Malaysia... since SS3 will be started in seoul on 14/8 (fasting) so i'll not going to korea this time.. i'm trying to be a nice girl i already check the filght tix it sssssoooooooooo expensive...

since in Bangkok.. yeah i really wanna go but depend on the situation in Bangkok... but i think my officemate & my family won't allow me

singapore.. this is something new.... ^_^ since i never go to singapore most probably i might be going there ekekekke.. but the problem is.. my leave.....T_T only 1/2 of the year but most of my leave gone T_T so maybe i will go there & then watch the concert & then fly back to malaysia... i must be crazy...

but for Malaysia.. OF COZ!!!!! it is a MUST!!! this time planning to buy the VIP one ekekekek... if there are 2 days concert (I WISH!!!!) one will be the seat that i took during the SS2 hahahhaa.. stalking? not sure bout that.. hahahah depend...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

First day at the gym ^ ^

this is soo funny but fun...i left office around 5.15pm & rush to the gym... after changed my clothes i asked for the instructor to help me with the equipment... after several explanation i did the bicycle thing ler coz it simple ekekekek... waiting for the aerobic class which started on 6pm...

sigh... i'm so worried bout the aerobic class coz... I'M TOTALLY TOTALLY CAN'T DANCE TT_TT keras huhuhu.. but just relaxing my mind.... the class started & there you go.. i was really really at the back coz i'm sooo shy ler hahahahhaha...

than at the dance floor start to kucar kacir coz of me aduiyai...i as always said sorry.. my first time.. hahah than the instructor smile & she ask me to follow her.. ark!!! in front??? i was like OMG!!!!!!! this sooooo embarrassing!!!!!! I was like covering my face huhuhuhuhuuuhuhhu .. she said it's ok & thank god the others didn't get mad at me..... then i started to follow the step slowly & try to memorize it.. what did i do to telax my mind...& try to dance? i just thing about super junior & their dance ability.. & said to myself... i can do this.i can do this.. i'm an ELF hahhahahahaha..

believe it or not... it work...slowly i'm getting used to it... i want to take the picca but since it was my first time so shy ler ekkekeke.. next time i will..

go go mulan @ elly

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

sign up for gym member...

i don't know what happen lately.... actually i'm totally busy from monday to sunday... from 8am to 5pm... but i still got this energy... i don't know why.... after work if the weather is good i will grab my swimming suit & rush to KRU to swim... but lately it always raining in the evening.... so i need to find something to do to burn all my calories... last week. i followed Naza to her aerobic class.. lol interesting but yet.. i'm shy hahahha... i'm not good in dancing ler... like kaki bangku....kui kui kui..

so changing plan... Naza & I survey some of Gym in Bangi... & yesterday we went to Azzahrah wellness centre... we made a quick tour inside it.. & walla it interesting ... have aerobic, gym, spa, sauna, jakuzi... & everything that a woman need...

after that i decided to join the gym... but Naza said she will continue with her aerobic class.. & there you go.. started tomorrow i'll be at the gym... hahahhaa...

saturday & sunday class will be on as usual... hopefully i can manage my schedule well...

i'm gaining weight so need to halau that excess Fat away...

1000 visitors

i made a promise that if my visitor past 1000 i will post something.. just realized that my blog visitor reached 1000.. at first i want this blog to be my personal story but at the end it becoming a place where i post all my fangirling things hahaha..

but it's ok coz it still tell story about me.. hope you guys not feel bored about my story ok....

feel free to comment...

Friday, May 21, 2010

Bonamana 1st win

rushing home just to watch Music Bank... the boys keep tweeting & Upload some pictures.. how could they do that to me...i'm working!!! but couldn't focus... it wasn't sungmin who keep tweeting but heenim, donghae & hyukkie... TT_TT but luckily after 3pm got problem with internet connection in the office so i can work peacefully hahahha...

soonest i reached home i saw that Syifa' & syahmi not back yet... so that's mean i can watch KBSW & MUSIC BANK!!! yeah!!! turn to chanle 303 it was 2PM... just waited patiently & then the boys out!!!! super gorgeous super handsome love the out fit love the dance love the performance but sadly they cut the song TT_TT ...

but at the end i was so nervous... waiting for the result... dang!!! as expected SUPER JUNIOR WON 1st award for Bonamana.. i was screamed!!!! happiness overload... love SUPER JUNIOR LOVE ELF!!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Oh My Lady..... jjang!! siwon (super Junior Jjang!!)

yesterday i wanted to post something but kinda bz coz i watched Oh My Lady Drama last ep at viikii.. i'm totally in love with sungminwoo.. the character really suitable with siwon hahahhaa... ok enough of that.. i gonna make it as my collection hahah.. siwon is not on my top list of super junior.. coz he got so many fans already.. so i just looking for others.. but in this drama he totally impressed me.. ^__^

i love this drama... i never tot that i will continue to watched it but from first ep i tottaly stcuk with it.. every week i've been wating for this drama... you guys should see it too.. & then you judges... i'm not into drama but this drama makes me laughed... fell in love... miss my family... cried...

to be honest at first i just wanna see how siwon acting... he tottaly improved.. i mean a lotsss he such a talented young man. he can sing.. good looking... got beautiful body... he tall hahahah... he can sing... he can dance...wth i'm writing.. he just talented... heheheheheh

this is my favourite song from the drama.. i love this fan to the person who made this video... totally jjang

Monday, May 10, 2010

미인아 (보나마나) the full song released

today 10/5/2010 the full song released... i was like a cray person coz it released during working hour.. i don't have speaker in the office.. pity me.. i was ready comments from my friends & also suju members at twitter... i was about to cry coz how can i'm the only one who can't hear the song.. & during the lunch break i sat at kak maz desk & search for the song at youtube hahaha

& then when i heard the song for the first time i was like... OMONA!!! like listening to Hindustan song hahahhahaah i was laughing like crazy hahahahhahaahah then kak maz asked me is that hindustan song ... i laughed louder hahahhahahahaahhahaah no ler it's korean song... honestly i can't catch any korean words when i heard the song.... i was concertrated to the song & kak maz thought i try to understand the song.. but i said to her that i try to recognize my hubby voice hahahahah.. she was like @_@ this girl is crazy hahhaha

but 2nd time i heard the song... gosh the song was like catchy.. & i fall in love with it & can't wait for the MV & comeback stage..

SUPER JUNIOR JJANG!!!!!!! now i changed my background music.... hahahhaha

Saturday, May 8, 2010

the MV teaser.. super junior super hot!!!

at last yesterday the MV teaser was out... iwas like huargh!! the looks so hot especially eeteuk... so much skin heheheh but it's ok he already grow up ler.. have to except the fact.. but gladly my sungmin didn't show much skin hahahha.. not ready to show it...for me not suitable with his image hahhaha here is the teaser

enjoy ok...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

they started to tease us ekekekek

may already? it means the comback of my favourite korean group getting nearer & nearer.. to day got sms from norfy.. she was like spazzing in her sms about min looking hot... argh!! i can't stand it ... luckily my bos not in yet during that time... & just log in into the twitter & then ZASSSS!!! look for the picca link.. & yesss!! it wasn't sungmin picture only.. it the teaser for the new album... & at first i was "where is my min2?" lor i mistaken him with eunhyuk.. hahhahahah lor pathetic can't even recognise her own hubby puhahhahaha.. actually i'm affarid i will kantoi with my bos ler... hahhahaha ... & after several time watching the picca & lor min2 picca is the biggest one hahahahahahah mengong... i was like OMG!!!! HE TOTALLY HOT!!!!!! argh.. i'm going crazy again...

despite the excitement.. there is sad news.. kibum, kangin & hannie will not joining the rest of suju member... as we know.. hannie with his lawsuit matters... kibum SM said that he will concerntrate with the acting... & kangin going to join the army... but why now they telling us... they should told us earlier coz we are waiting for theor comeback for the 4th jib.. indeed the 3rd jib was a big success but.... seeing 13 of them in one stage is priceless.. i think every ELFs wll agree with me.. but why we ELFs did not boikot SM.. we can't coz.. how about the 10 boys who work hard for the preparation of the 4th album... all i know all of the whether they stay together or separated they always be known as Super Junior member. that the fact.. no one can deny it...

whatever happen my heart will always be with them.. to every single member... you once stole my heart.... & i will never give it to other kpop band... that also the fact... coz for me SUper Junior totally special... they make me fall in love with kpop....

Super junior Hwaiting!!! ELFs Hwaiting!!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Malaysian ELF Support for Super Junior 4th Album

calling Malaysian ELFs!!! anyone who interested to join this project kindly contact the blogger by providing your detail at the blog..

i'm not sure whether i can't join this since i'm a little busy rite now... i only can do the online promotion... but on the feild... i'm so short of time...

story about my age

some people seem like reluctant to talk about their age.. when somebody ask about your age most of them will answer "guess ler?" or "how old do i look?" .... for me... it totally different... when someone ask how old am i.. i just answer straightforward... this happened several times when i was in seoul everybody that i met curious about me especially when i walked alone since i wore this tudung (scarf).. i just greet them sincerely... & the when the ask about my age & i answer them.. they seems surprised... be honest... i'm going to be 33 this year hahaha... that's lotssss rite... to old to be a fangirl... i'm noona fans hahahaha... but its' ok as long as i enjoying my life..

there are 1 new staff & i attachment student in my office.. ok i always fooling around in the office.. but when i'm doing my work.. sometimes i looks serious hehehehe. of coz ler.. i do fooling around coz sometimes i do feel sleepy..

one day the attachment student asked me other staff age.. & she just nodded.. & when she asked my age .... & i said i'm 33 she like... NOOOOOO WAYYYY.. lor i'm said the truth.. she said i look like 20++.. she wasn't the first one to say that.. so it was a compliment to me..even in korea also i have this experience when i took a cruise at hangang river the korean people who took the cruise like stands around me since i can speak korean even not that good but still understandable ler ekekkeke... they also look surprise when i told them my real age..

actually i not look that young ler... compare to my others friends.. they look younger than me.. maybe my character playful that makes me look younger.. the other factor maybe i'm not married yet hahahaha..

maybe some people said wow she is boasting!... no... i'm not... why did i post this blog entry? just to let people know age is just a number... since you will live only a short time in this world .try to enjoy your life to the fullest... but in right way... not beyond it..

anyway don't be ashamed to tell the truth about your age.. sometimes it built your confident.. u know...

Friday, April 23, 2010

my korean class seem to be ended...ㅠ ㅠ

i'm quiting my korean class.. not because i losing interest over korean language.. no never... i will definitely continue it.. nowadays practise using it in twitter... with suju member & some ELFs.. hahahah... all i can say... lack of time.. since i will start to attend new course this 8/5 until maybe end of June.. every Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 5.30pm.. so it will be a full days for the whole week.. i hope i can handled it...

what course i've taken.. for now.. let it be secret.. all i can say.. for the sake of my future... i'm hoping for the best for me in future...

thanks to my auntie at least he trusted me.. i will try to do my best... & please pray hard for me ok.. even i'm busy with my course & everything i will definitely not gonna miss my fangirling.. still have nite life ok even sometimes i gonna be tired.. but that life... even my favourite group work hard for their future too...


my baby..

currently i'm taking a piano class with sam... usually on Friday nite... twice a month. how good am i? i'm still a beginner.. i mean TOTALLY BEGINNER!!! hahahahhaha... i'm having a problem before tjis coz my left hand won't move ekekekekeke... but after several practise kinda ok.... staring with basic.. theory.. lol seems i'm taking the class for the exam.. even sam always said that he gonna die to see our performance & when we kinda lost when he asked the theory part hahahahaha.... sorry sam...

hopefully i'm gonna be able to play smoothly..

Saturday, April 17, 2010

last performance of Ming Gil Dong

18/4 will be the last day of Hong Gil DOng the Musical.. since yesung did the opening & now it's time for Sungmin does the closing... i'm feel so lucky coz i got the chance to watch the musical.. when we love something we will try to fulfill it..

sungmin did cried on the 15/4 performance... seriously i never heard that he cried during the Akilla... maybe he still new back then.. but HGD totally different... he always post something about HGD in his cyworld... actually compare to Akilla & HGD musical i think Sungmin did better in HGD.. you should see how he improved... in acting.. in singing.. he may not a very good singer in super junior... he actually in the middle.. yeah rite.. he knew it.. he mentioned it before... but for me... he always the best.. nothing wrong being average.. he should be proud that.. he got many talent.. not all people has that.. know a lots of things is the advantage that sungmin has...

i'm so proud seeing him trying to do his best in everything.. sometimes i do hope that he didn't push himself to the limit... he try his best to show to people that he can & good at something... believe me... there are many people out there notice your talents sungmin.... & i'm one of them....^_^

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Lee Hyukjae 0404

Lee hyukjae.. asia achovy, dance machine, cry baby whatever they call u. 2nd person i love the most in super junior.. ok he my top 2 in Super Junior.. i really admire him actually.. the best memories that i had was during super show coz most of the time he stay in front of us... & during shining star... my line hahahahah so sporting.. i said that i don't care i want to make the love sign using my hands.. & the best thing was,... my friends at that area did it together & at that moment eunhyuk did the same thing towards us.. hahahaha... we was like YES YES YES!!@ eunhyuk saw us & he respnded to us... hahahahaha... you can check it out at fancam... at that time i really want him to cry hahahahahha bad me...

eunhyuk aaaa saegil cukhahaeyo....^__^

Friday, March 26, 2010

Super Show 2 in Malaysia 20/3/2010

Gosh... i'm so busy with my work rite now.. after enjoying my time at SS2.. can't believe it already ended... past.. waaa!!! T_T I'm don't know why.. this time... i felt so damm sad after the concert ended... not enuff.. only 1 day... gosh.. what happening to me.. i'm becoming suju addict... lor...

ok.. i'll be back to edit this post coz i have lottssssss to say hahahaha... chow

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My pictures form Hong Gil Dong

Since i went there twice to watch the Hong Gil Dong... on 27/2 & 3/3 in seoul.. on 27/2 i went there with my friends.. & 3/3 i went there alone... hahahhaa....