Monday, November 30, 2009

i'm back.. ^_^

the super show totally awesome.. i'm lovin Thai ELFs... they are indeed so kind & helpful..

i'm going to go to work now... will update something tonite..


Thursday, November 26, 2009

ready for take off ......

the day.. my last post before i go to KLIA.... nervous yeah!!! but it's ok.. pretty excited too.. can't wait to see the boys..

tomorrow the first day of the concert....

see you guys....

One day more to go..

Finally... the counting will come to an end... tomorrow i will be leaving Malaysia to Bangkok... sadly we can't make it for the press conference because when we arrived the Press conference already ended... not sure what will we be doing tomorrow.. rite after we reach bangkok, we will directly go to the hotel for check in.. i want to go to Impact arena tomorrow, they definitely going to rehearse whole nite.. but i'm affraid that i might get to tired becoz the next day we will go there early to buy some goodies & to collect our tix.. & we need more energy becoz our tix is standing hehehe...the bets part for both days we going to the concert & standing... yeah crazy hahahha...

about the PC, our Thai friends View got lucky becoz she got to join the pC... she promise to take lootttsssss of picca & going to sent us the picca... i will upload it here when she gave me the permission... let pray that she gots loootssss of picca yeah!!

i'm not done packing my bag yet.. lor even though there are not many stuff.. but my head going to explode becoz i'm not sure what else should i bring...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

5 days more to go...

can't wait for this friday...

kinda nervous too..

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

countdown started.. 10 days to go ^_^

today is 17th November.. 10 days to go... next week on friday.. i will be flying to BKK...
i really hope i can meet 15 gorgeous boys...

kibummie.. palli waaaaaa!!!


Monday, November 16, 2009

soo cold..

Raining season... T_T make me sleepy... cold in the office.. cold in the house..

me like "hantu kum kum" in front of the computer with comforter covering my body from head to toe hahahahha...

i should be laying on bed rite now... sleeping...& dreaming...

but my life will not be complete if i didn't surf the net.. hahahhaa.. yeah.. to busy in the office..

yeah i'm totally dedicated staff.. actually i feel relax 80% of my work done...

so i don't have to bring my work at home.. so i can just surfing the net relaxingly.. can have a very very deep sleep... ^_^ almost a month i didn't get enough sleep...always thinking about work work work.. i'm not a workholic am i? i only now.. i'm sujuholic hahhahaha...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

in Super SHow Mood ^__^

i'm totally in Super Show mood... hahahhaah last nite i felt bored.. i don't know what to do.. & then... how about watching the first super show.. so i just grab my external HD & found the video..

i watched it maybe more than 50 times... i totally missed it.. because kibum was there.. sadly he did not participate in the 2nd super show.. i wish he was there... 13 of them... but he busy with his acting.. nevermind..he still part of super Junior.. will wait for him to join the rest of them...

can't wait to fly to bkk... & my work almost done at the office.. i do hope that i can enjoy my trip & the concert

Thursday, November 12, 2009

should i start the countdown???

ermmm.. is it to early??? yeah i guest soo... if i start it now.. i can't concentrate on my work.. only my body here.. my mind already fly to bkk...

i think i will start the countdown... 10 days before i go... should be fair.. need to make sure that my work mostly done... & i will enjoy the show without thinking about work.. luckily the show on end of the month.. so i already prepared all the salary everything.. ^_^

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Super SHow Tix

Thanks to viewzaa @ soompi for helping me pay the tixs..

I manage to book the tix online but can't pay it using my credit card..

but viewzaa is soo sweet she offer herself to help me pay it at the true shop..

at first i'm planning to go for 28/11 .. the tix quit expensive & it standing...

so i planned to purchase the cheapest tix on 29/11 but it sold our already..

the only tix available is standing.. T_T no choice.. i bought it hahahaha... crazy... yeah...

on 28/11 we will standing at the place near kyu's solo... yeah... give a chances to kyu's wife hahahhaa

on the 29/11 we will standing at sungmin's area during shining star.. i really wanna see him...

min2 aaaa kidarilkae....!!!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

need to recover fast..

adoi.. everytime i want to go for a holiday.. i will get a fever...why???? usually it took me 2 -3 weeks to recover... dugaan sungguh..

this time i have to make sure that my fever gone before i go to bkk.. yo lar.. if not i cannot enter the stadium maaa... ottokaji... T_T..

Thursday, November 5, 2009



Wednesday, November 4, 2009

pathetic person..

today i went to BIMB to bank in some cash & cheque.. but there was one incident.. yeah..i was parking my car at the parking lot.. specifically CAR PARK!!! not motorcylcle park... when i'm adjusting my car because i have to make sure i park properly.. there was one motorcyclist.. he with his gf i think just park his motorcycle in front of my car.. i just push my car horn.. NOT LONGER VERSION OF IT... just like "teet" & the guy watched me with anger...& started to tunjuk2 me .. i was like... wth was he doing.. this is a car park.. & then he moved his motorcycle & then walked into the bank.. & surprisingly.. he watched me like want to eat me or something...i stared at him too.. what the hell was he thinking!! i parked my car & went inside the bank..& non stop i stared at him, he like surprised becoz he thought that i want to blah from that bank... hahahahahah fool.... he went to his gf & guest what her gf kinda shocked too.. there are 2 cash deposit machine at the bank.. one is just beside their ATM hahaha... . he scared when he saw me walked towards them... hahahahhaha & then i just stop at the cash deposit machine beside them the funny things both of them didn't even looked at me.. the other funny thing that stupid boy like "KATEK" hahahaa.. i'm taller than him..hahaha... after they withdraw the money they just left without stared at me.. i knew becoz i stared them instead... what a pathetic person..

Monday, November 2, 2009

Less than a month.. i will fly again... ^_^

i'll be flying again... my 2nd trip to bangkok... guess what? hahahhahaha..

this time.. only 2 of us going... during Hari Raya Haji.. gladly.. my sis allow...

will update later...


sungminnie appa

If you vist "sendbill" official homepage, you will be surprised to hear popular idol group Super Junior members singing the logo song for the company.

Super Junior member Sungmin is the son of the president of the company Lee ChunHwa. Because of his Dad, Sungmin had written a cheerful, catchy logo song to promote for "sendbill" service.

Lee president said that "Sometimes there are fans of my son come crowding around my house. It's because my son is famous, I find it a good thing rather than feeling annoyed" and showed a satisfied expression. Besides, Lee ChunHwa president's wife has done a lot of charity activities for the handicapped people for over 3 years, she even received a Seoul City award for that.

With the father being successful with his own company, the mother with her charity activities and the son with his popularity in the showbiz, we expect to hear more good news about Lee ChunHwa presient's family in the future.

original article is here
translated by
may take out with full credits

sungminnie omma

Lee sungjin (nam dongsaeng @ adik lelaki)