Monday, July 9, 2012

120709 the day kim Hee hul deactivate his twitter & weibo TT_TT

Why is this happening!!!! tomorrow is his birthday... i'm expecting to wish him Birthday tonite... at his twitter... since he now serving as a public servant.... Sasaeng fans is sicksssss!! why they have to be that stupid!! you're jeopardizing someone life YOU FOOL!! I don;t care s something bad happen to you becoz u deserve it!! but when it happen to some else that is not fair!!! they got family & friends... their beloved one... lets them live peacefully... why can you just watch them from a far ... TT_TT lets them be safe.... owh!! so emotional!!!.. GO EAT FOOD SASAENG FANS!!!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

It's July ^^ my month

ahhh.. it's already july... can;t wait for end of this month.... yeah.. my birthday.. i already plan my birthday pressie for this year.... there's go my money again.. since this time during the fasting month... well i must enjoy it minimumly hahahahhaa...