Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Super Junior 5th Album Teaser photo is Out!!! Eunhyuk & Donghae

Credit: Daum
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wargh!! yesterday keep spazzing bout the teaser picca of eunhyuk.. OMG!!! totally beyond my expectation... hehehehheheh.. but i really love Eunhyuk Picture maybe some of the fans still can;t accept the color of his hair.. for me... i love it ^^... wait until he make a style his blonde hair.. you totally gonna drooling!!!

for hae.. i dreamt last nite that his teaser looks like his style in skip beat drama.. with the fur cloth.. well.. kinda fit with hyuk teaser rite... hyuk looks like princess. hae must looks like a prince.. hahahhaa... hahahah eunhae couple ^^

kinda nervous how the rest will looks like... especially my min2 ^^.. i don;t care how you look like... for me you already in my heart & whatever style.. i always love you even ajuma style ekekeke.. since you've been busy with the musical.. your hairstyle & color still normal.. maybe dark brown... ^^

next... i guess it will be capt choi siwon.. :P how about you guys?

have a nice day..

Thursday, July 14, 2011

[official audio] Yesung & Jang Hyejin: I am behind you (그대뒤에 있습니다)

cr Yesungcenter@youtube ^^

O.M.G First time i heard this song i already fall in love with it.. to be honest i'm soo lovin yesung's voice... even he is not my ultimate bias but who can denied how talented he is.. such a soothing voice... everytime he sing... he never fail makes me fall in love with him... i;m melting huhuuhuhuh Yesung you totally awesome... Love you soo much!!! Muacksssss!!!!!