Wednesday, December 7, 2011

OMG!!! i have soooo many to updates but i can't because lack of time.. but hey!!! the SS3 DVD is out!! Finallyyy!!!!

I thought SME will not released the SS3 DVD!! but finally it will be released 21/12/2011 IF you want to place an order you can visit my online shop here ..

i have soo many things to update... SS4 Seoul, 3 Musketeers Musical, FAME Musical, Mo.A & Fanmeet with Lee Dong Wook & Kim Sun Ah..

i'll update when i have free time...

Have a nice day yorobun... ^^

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Finally after seveal times struggeling to get the tix... Today we manage to grab the ss4 seoul tix!!!!!! We are going not only 1 day but both days.....

I cried when my friends said that she manage to buy the tix.. I tried several time but fail to make the payment...

Aish the gmarket so difficult to buy the tix in your site compare to interpark! Not user friendly... I manage to grab the tix but when wanted to make the payment pop up said that i need to instal something. After that need to close all ie... All the tix gone...

But after today we can do our works peacefully... Waiting for the day to fly again to seoul..... Weeeeeeehaaaaaa!!!!
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Monday, October 24, 2011

Lets Vote for Mr Simple in Hot FM ^^

I really wanna see the boys be the winner in the Hot FM chart... please vote here.. just log in the FB & vote ^^

thank you soo much ^^

Sunday, October 23, 2011

ok i'm bored hahahhaha

3rd post for today... ^^ yeah i'm bored...

i like to write but due to buziness especially at work & of coz fangirling it's kinda hard for me to write here.. but i kinda miss my blog so much... want to share lots of things.. pictures, stories, new experiences, but the idea won't come... aish.....

rite now waiting for asue & ena... we gonna go to airport.. how i wish i can go with asue.. me & ena only accompanied asue to the airport...

asue going to my "HOMETOWN" ^^ woot woot.. i miss seoul so much.. it's autumn now... my favourite season..... next month i'm not sure... even now it's kinda cold...

argh!!! why everytime i went to seoul the wheather always cold... i can't stand the cold... i might be dancing & jumpin again in public...

Saturday, October 22, 2011

i'm gonna see you kyu the artagan ^^

i'm a pokai fangirl... coz of frustration of the SS4 tix in seoul.. i bought the musical tix.... gaaaahhh!!! there's go my money... as long as i can see one of my boys... hahahahhahaha...

i wanna see ryeowook's musical but it's already ended... wonder will there be encore.....

& hyuk fame too but no date have been confirmed yet except on 6 & 7 dec... which means.. i'm nutts if i go to seoul again that time..

but hopefully they release another date for FAME...

& min.. i wonder will u act again in musical??? please please please... this time i'll make sure that i watch u.. except for fasting month... please....

writing this while waiting for my friends to go out...

ok bye...

month of October 2011...

gosh!! what a busy month for me.. the auditing.. the salary day.. actually i'm the one who look into trouble... ngeh ngeh ngeh... this is all because of SS4 in Seoul... blame them blame them...

if you ask me whether i'm going to seoul this november.. the answer is yes... if you ask me whether i'll be attending the SS4 in seoul... the answer is "I WANT TO BUT I"VE GOT NO TICKET!!!" waaaaa i think i wanna cry... the Gmarket is soooo soooo user unfriendly... i manage to grab the tix dispite of how difficult & slow internet connection... but the failure make the payment made me wanna curse very.... veryyyy badly...

4 times manage to grab the tix.. same as my friends but facing the same problem... so now we're gambling.. we will try to get the tix at the venue.. if fail... we gonna be at mount sorak & crying out loud ... (ok i'm just kidding hahahahahha)

but hopefully we get the tix & manage to see the boys...

wish me luck ok... ^^

Friday, September 9, 2011

fall in love with kyu voice!!! daebak!!

Kyuhyun will be leaving the IM2 .. sad... but feel happy too becoz he can get some rest.... i really love his performances during the IM2... especially the rockers Kyu & the ballad Kyu... how can i say this... even my bias is sungmin but how can i resist the sweet the mellow & also the soothing voice of kyuhyun... heheheheh.. maybe some of you.. or most of you already watched it.. actually me too but i repeat it almost 1000 times hahahahaha.. crazy rite :P hope to see a different personality of Kyuhyun again.. you really can sing.. ^^ kyuhyun fighting!!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Super Junior Comeback stage ^^

OMG!! i totally missing them perform on stage.. the day they made the comeback i took half day leave ekekekekek... of coz.. i need to see them on TV... i need to cook becoz this is fasting month... so to be safe i went back eraly & then cooked.. around 4pm already finished it & even took a bath hahahah.. get ready in front of TV with my friend asue..ok she took half day leave to hahahhaa... when MB started.. we kinda excited everitime the MC mentioned Super Junior we like screamin hahahaha... i dont care what other people say ekekeke... we waited about more than an hour ... watchin every artist perform.. sometimes i felt sleepy... but when Super Junior Appear we screamin as we in a concert hahahah

IT WAS AWESOME!! SUperman SOOOO AWESOME!! MR Simple too!! when then performance finished we just OMG OMG still spazzing... i can't wait to see them perform again.. 3 days in row.. perform in MB. MC & Inki.. so far i like inki..... but outfit i love during MC...

Super Junior gonna have totally bz schedule after this. hopefully they still can take some rest & not overwork.

Super junior JJANG!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Today 3pm korea time the MV released officially... I really love the Chreo ^^ everybody got the chance dance in front ^^ everybody got their singing or rapping part... hyukjae at least you singin this time ^^ such a nice voice ^^

even i got my own biased but i love them as SUper Junior.. All of them.. love them soooo much...

ok lets watch the MV again... been watching it almost 100 times today :P

Monday, August 1, 2011


did you guys watch the MV Teaser?? did you? did you??? argh!!! at first i kinda scared... hahah becoz of Siwon photo teaser.. i thought it gonna be hella so many skin been show hahahhahahaha.. what a dirty minded... don;t blame me.. blame siwon hahahhahahaha.. ok i really love the mv everybody look sooo hot & gorgeous ^^ thank god they all properly dress hahhaha.. ok so many laughter.. :P... i can;t wait to hear the song & the MV.. how bout u?? ^^ already orderes the CD... now waiting for the cd to be released.. ^^

Super Junior 슈퍼주니어_Mr.Simple_TEASER MOVIE1

Super Junior 슈퍼주니어_Mr.Simple_TEASER MOVIE2

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Super Junior 5th Album Teaser photo is Out!!! Eunhyuk & Donghae

Credit: Daum
Reupload and Posted by: reneee (

wargh!! yesterday keep spazzing bout the teaser picca of eunhyuk.. OMG!!! totally beyond my expectation... hehehehheheh.. but i really love Eunhyuk Picture maybe some of the fans still can;t accept the color of his hair.. for me... i love it ^^... wait until he make a style his blonde hair.. you totally gonna drooling!!!

for hae.. i dreamt last nite that his teaser looks like his style in skip beat drama.. with the fur cloth.. well.. kinda fit with hyuk teaser rite... hyuk looks like princess. hae must looks like a prince.. hahahhaa... hahahah eunhae couple ^^

kinda nervous how the rest will looks like... especially my min2 ^^.. i don;t care how you look like... for me you already in my heart & whatever style.. i always love you even ajuma style ekekeke.. since you've been busy with the musical.. your hairstyle & color still normal.. maybe dark brown... ^^

next... i guess it will be capt choi siwon.. :P how about you guys?

have a nice day..

Thursday, July 14, 2011

[official audio] Yesung & Jang Hyejin: I am behind you (그대뒤에 있습니다)

cr Yesungcenter@youtube ^^

O.M.G First time i heard this song i already fall in love with it.. to be honest i'm soo lovin yesung's voice... even he is not my ultimate bias but who can denied how talented he is.. such a soothing voice... everytime he sing... he never fail makes me fall in love with him... i;m melting huhuuhuhuh Yesung you totally awesome... Love you soo much!!! Muacksssss!!!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We Have extra Spao Birthday cap for Heechul & DOnghae

If you wanna grab SPAO Birthday cap, we have extra for DOnghae & Heechul

you can visit HERE

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lost my Lappy TT_TT

Yesterday someone broke into my house.. i was not in.. went to e@curve to see Aaron Aziz & plan to watch KL Gangster for 4th times...around 2pm i received a phone call from my sister said that someone broke into my house. i was so shocked because my little sister was in the house during that time.. but Thank God that she was ok. police, my uncle, mu aunty and my older sister already arrived... my little sister said she couldn't find my lappy.. i said i left my lappy at living room.. she said it was gone.. i was.. OMG!!! but the only thing that i was thinking that my sister is alright.. losing my lappy it's ok i can find a new one.. but something happen to my sister i can;t accept it... since i got work to be submitted this morning.. last nite i went to find a new book.. the money which i budgetted to go to Sungmin's Musical used to buy the new lappy.. not i'm officially said goodbye to Sungmin's Musical... so sad....

Thursday, June 23, 2011

i'm watchin SHOWDOWN 2011 my Favourite Elecoldxhot!!! aka ECX!!

been following this series... well every wednesday nite 8tv 9.30pm.. i never watch any Malaysia tv show nowadays.. but showdown totally different.. it's dance show.. bboy. breakdance.. street dance whatsoever... ok i'm not a dancer so i donlt know anyting about dancing or the name of the dance hahahhahaa.. but i'm the person who really love to watch people dancing... that why Super Junior is my Favourite.. they can sing & dance very well.. in Malaysia really hard to see people can dance in sync & fast.. but ECX totally change my view about Malaysian Dancer!! THEY ARE AWESOMEE!!!!!!! how can i not lovin them.. they are sooooo talented.. i mean really really talented.. but yesterday their performance was the best!!! i can't stop screamin & also my mouth open for the whole time.. WORLD CLASS PERFORMANCE!! the theme for yesterday was MAGIC!! the did the MAGIC!! gosh you should see it!!! i been watching the video again & again.. how can they dance so cool & GORGEOUS!!!!!!! argh!!! i do hope the win this competition!!! ok here the video for the yesterday performance ^^ enjoy & SCREAMMMM!!

CR ExKlusiveCrew

M&D_뭘봐(Close Ur Mouth)_MUSIC VIDEO

wargh!! this is awesome!! i totally love this.. rock style kinda suit heenim sooooo much!! ok heenim can sing any kind of genre.. Heenim now you don't have to complaint that you only have a few second part in the song... now you got whole song to sing!!!! how do you feel about that... can;t wait to see the performance ^^

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Anybody wanna buy Super Show 3 Super Junior’s First Concert Photobook

RM115.00 (Inclusive RM5.00 for tax) (Self pickup)

Postage by pos laju

RM125.00 (Inclusive RM5.00 for tax) (Semenanjung)

RM130.00 (Inclusive RM5.00 for tax) (Sabah & Sarawak)

P/S : Please be informed that the tax is subject to custom tax, if Custom did not hold our photobooks, the tax will be refunded to you. Thank you.

ITEM : Super Show 3 Super Junior’s First Concert Photobook

Pages :188 pages
Size : 308 X 217 X height 22 (mm)
Weight : 1.196kg
Material: Paperback bound, PP transparent cover
Components: Photos 1EA, postcards 14EA

if you wanna make an order please drop by HERE we close for order 28/6/2011

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


my body still feel weak... been vomiting no stop yesterday... soar throat then i got this fever.. which resulted i can't eat at all... i already know that i can easily get a gastrik... yeah.. the worst ever.. i can't even walk.. my head feel dizzy.. i can't even eat or drink. when i eat & drink i'll vomit.. i thought i might be warded but Thank God i still manage to go home..

today i stop vomit.. but my stomach still in pain.. my fever getting better... but still take the medicine..

Please everyone take care of your health...

Sunday, May 22, 2011

wanna grab your bias SPAO Cap??

My online store decided to open order for SPAO cap.. since SPAO d not ship their goods overseas.. we try to make it as lower & affordable as possible.. if you interested you can take a look at my online store HERE

stage for Hari belia in the making ^^

went to Putrajaya to take a look at the stage location.. hehehe the stage not complete yet... but if you wanna see how it look like & the location click HERE

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Ming 101 Cap ^^

YEAHHH!!!! finally i got my Ming Birthday Cap!! Thanks to Kak Jel .. Kak Jel went to Seoul last week... ^^ i really happy that she managed to grab this cap... ^^ luv you kak jel!!! thank you so much!!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Taking order for SUper Junior Bijin (Bonamana) CD+DVD

Hi you guys.. i'm planing to make an order for Bijin (Bonamana) CD+DVD ... as we all know the price for Jap Ver kinda expensive... SO i came to this solution... if you guys interested to buy the album & don't have Credit card to purchase online... i can help you... about the price i'm not sure depend on the currency on that day... so if you guys want me to help you yeah... sure...i budgeted that the price is around RM100... so you need to pay RM100 first let's say the price is below RM100 i'll will refund the balance to u...but if the price over RM100 i hope you guys can pay the balance when we meet up.. i just tryin to help ... when we purchase in bulk we can save shipping cost... so if you guys interested you can email me at

Thursday, May 12, 2011

order for Beast CD & others CD

Ok you guys if you wanna make order for Beast new album or other album... If you wish to request for concert DVD you can request at our online shop MYNC

We try to help you guys to purchase it... about poster yeah we can provide you tube for poster but with an affordable price ^^

don't worry you can ask first about the cost... ^^ if you think it is affordable... you can proceed with order & if not it's ok ^^

we will close the 2nd batch order on 16/5/2011

you can request for CD & DVD such as JYJ, SUper Junior, SNSD, Big Bang, CNBlue or others

Have a pleasant day everyone ^^

Sungmin will be acting in Musical again!!!!

OMG!!! yesterday was a spazzing day for me!! sungmin being cast in a musical again... Jack The Ripper.. gonna search bout this story..

Last time i manage to see Hong Gil Dong Musical.. This time i really wanna see this musical!! It will be starting July 5th through August 14th.

This gonna be my Birthday Present coz my Birthday is in July!!!! yeah!!! jump!! jump!! jump!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

SUJU M Is coming to Putrajaya Malaysia on 28/5/2011!!

ok... this thing kinda unexpected ^^.. i'm so happy to hear this... they will perform at the Hari Belia Sedunia & having a free concert.. maybe they will be performing with other artists...

can't wait to see them again... luckily my Sungmin in SJM now.. & i hope to see siwon & donghae too dispite their busy schedule... rite now they kinda bz with the shooting of their new drama...

so Malaysian ELF!! see you there!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

SJM Perfection Repackage (Korean Ver) open for order now

Super Junior M 2nd Mini Album – Perfection (CD+DVD) (Repackage) (Korea Version)

(CD+DVD) + Poster

expected release date 2011-04-29


CD – 1. 태완미 (太完美; Perfection)_Korean Ver.

2. 太完美 (Perfection)

3. 命運線 (Destiny)

4. 幸福微甜 (Love Is Sweet)

5. 表白 (Off My Mind)

6. True Love

7. 吹一樣的風 (My All Is In You)

8. 西風的話

DVD – 1. Album Jacket Making Film

2. Music Video Making Film

3. 太完美 Music Video (Chinese Ver.)

4. 太完美 Music Video (Korean Ver.)

Price : RM60

for more details about the order here

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

(Coming Soon) SJM Perfection Ver 2 Pre-order

If you missed to order your SJM Ver 2 Album... don't worry... we will open the order soon...
But the price not yet out coz... we still wait from our supplier ok.. ^^

Saturday, April 23, 2011

If you Super Junior Lover.. maybe you interested in this ^^

we sold some of our collection.. Super Junior Photo Tag... but some of them have been sold... the photo tag is limited... 1 unit per member...

only open for Malaysian... ^^

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bz day

Nowadays bz with my new blog.. but don't worry i'll never leave this blog unupdate ok... heheheh stay tune ok... & please visit my new blog ok ^^

Friday, April 15, 2011

Our mini online shop open now.. ^^

me & my friend open an online shop to order CD/DVD/Photobook/Goodies from Korea.. i already help some people purchase some CD from Korea...

our online just started a few days now we took order for

1) f(x) – Vol.1 [Pinocchio]

click here for more details..

you can asked by comment or email us at with subject: MYNC Online Shop

we try our best to give you a affordable price... thank you... ^^

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Suju KRY goodies that i bought during my trip to Korea

there is a tumbler too but i didn't take any picture.. will post it after i take the picture ok

Saturday, April 9, 2011

some eye candies from korea ^^

enjoy my days at Korea ^^ my 5th trip to korea was sooo awesome!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy to be home...^^

actually i was back home from korea last Sunday.. to tired to make a post... 7 days in seoul & Busan... this time we didn't manage to go to sukira coz our schedule so pack..

2 days we when to Busan, Jeonju & gyeongi... we went there by Train... backpacking.. & then back at seoul we when for a hiking... so many things that we've done during this trip... to most memorable memories was... we manage to take picture with Yesung family at Babtols.. sadly there was no Yesung... seems he bz doing something.. i did asked his brother did Yesung came to the Restaurant.. he said no.. he was busy...

to be honest Yesung Omma looks so pretty in person compare on TV.. heheheh his father also nice.. Yesung brother looks cute hahaha... the funniest thing was to make a move to aske him for a picture.. when one of us took a picture with him & them.. zaaaassss.. we was queing to take picture with him... hahahahhaa

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dear E.L.F we got song ^^

cr WWW.GOODWILLMGI.COM, TWITTER: @goodwillbeats, @mgiproducer, E.L.F Song produced, written, recorded, mixed, mastered by GoodWill & MGI.

what do you girls think? i really love the songs.. really appreciate they job... ^^ give them some love.. ^^

Sunday, March 20, 2011

my Fancam from SS3 Malaysia.. ^^

cr me if taken out ^^

last nite SS3 Malaysia was daebak!! glad ELF & suju member having fun at the concert..

Monday, March 14, 2011

SS3 Malaysia Pompom project ^^ just for fun

Me & my friend just create this project for fun... if you wanna join us sure no problem..hehehhe here is the tutorial for the pompom project. we do not provide the pompom... either you can make it yourself or you can buy it... we bought it at one shop at Plaza City One next to Semua House.. the shop name Bunga Reben.. the price RM9.90.. If you don't have pompom.. you still can follow the step rite ^^.. let's have fun ^^

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

my SS3 Tix ^^

finally after several weeks.. i got my tix ^^ my mood for SS3 Malaysia activated officially.. kinda relief when i got this tix.. so everybody let's have fun together ^^

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

month of March ^^ the countdown begin!!!

today 1st of march... the month that i've been waiting for... ^^ another 18 days more to the SS3 in Malaysia...

i kinda excited but due to my bz schedule it keep me calm a little bit hahaha...

my friends & i planning to do a simple project.. it's not an individual suju member project.. we dedicated this project to Super Junior as a whole group... i saw many project out there.. but most of them dedicated to one particular member...

of coz i got my bias too but for me.. i love Super Junior as a whole...

what kind of project that we planning to do... we gonna make a pom pom.. hahahhahahaa... we gonna make it & post it here the video how we make it..

you can still do it yourself.. ^^

this week we gonna make it.. hopefully it gonna be as we plan.. so stay tune...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

[As of 10PM @ 22th Feb] Super Show 3 Malaysia Tickets Availability (with rows details)

Pen A Pit 1: SOLD OUT
Pen A Pit 2: SOLD OUT
Pen B Pit 2: SOLD OUT


U2: AVAILABLE (first 5 front rows still available)
U4: AVAILABLE (first 5 front rows still available)
U5: AVAILABLE (first 5 front rows still available)
U6: AVAILABLE (first 5 front rows still available)
U14: AVAILABLE (first 5 front rows still available)
U16: AVAILABLE (first 5 front rows still available)
U17: AVAILABLE (first 5 front rows still available)
U18: AVAILABLE (first 5 front rows still available)

U19: AVAILABLE (first 5 front rows still available)

Please refer to the sidebar to know where you can buy the tickets.

RedTix Website


last time the balcony the fastest selling tix.. but now... the terrace.. everybody seem want to get near the boys... but balcony still the best to view the can still enjoy the show... ^^ so what you guys waiting for.. grab your tix now ^^

SJM Too Perfect MV is out...

cr sment @ yt

ok kinda late.. ekekeke... actually wanna post it yesterday but i already spazzing bout the SS3 Malaysia..

at first when i heard this song i fell... why so many autotune??? i can't even recognize their voices.... TT_TT

but after several time listen to the song ok... his song not that bad... the dance step also jjang!! can't wait to hear korean version ^^

Monday, February 21, 2011

the day of the pre-sale

the dat of the pre-sale... gosh so crazy... some people are so rude... cutting Q... the best part there was one girl said my Tudung make her suffocated .... i just standing in front of her.. she was cutting Q...she totally made me pissed off there you go... there was some argument with me & that girl... i don;t care anymore...

for me the main reason for me to go there was to get the tix.. thank gos.. because of the Saranghaeyo korean Club.. we manged to grab the earlier than other people...

yup we manage to get 1st & 2nd row... but we not get the seat at the side of the stage.. we choosed the L13 .. hahahah seat in front of the stage.. ^^

after the pre-sale i got bruised all over my bodies... scary??? hahahha but its' nothing... nobody killed that day hahahhahaa...

sharing some pictures... ^^

SS3 Malaysia Promotional Video ^^

cr uploader...

I really love the way eeteuk said APPA KABAR!!! so cute !!!! kinda excited now.. how bout u guys?

manage to grab you tix? me too... so don't forget to memorised the fanchants ok...

see ya guys!!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Pre-sale ^^

Gosh i'm not sleeping yet.. tomorrow... i mean today (aiyak!!! already past midnite) will be the pre-sale... there are people already Q at Sg. Wang Plaza... huhuhuh daebak!!!! be safe everyone... i guest everyone kinda excited.... rite!!! see you tomorrow ^^

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Finally!!! SS3 Malaysia - Seating Plan

credit RITS FB

Finally after several days been waiting for the Seating Plan... yeah what are you guys waiting for!!! choose your seat now!!!!! hehehhehehe.... mine??? let me keep it a secret for now ^^... basically the stage will be the same as in other countries...

pre-sale only few days left.. so decide wisely ^^

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Delayed in Seating plan.... SS3 Malaysia

everybody wondering when will the seating plan will be released... RITS post it at their FB that the seating plan not yet ready... so just hang in there.. hopefully tomorow the seating plan will be released.. ^^

Monday, February 14, 2011

SS3 Malaysia - Ticket Launch Roadshow at Sungei Wang (Updates)

Dear ELFs! Everyone is super excited about this Saturday's event so here are the details. More updates along the way if we have any!


SAT 19 Feb


Sungei Wang Plaza (Kuala Lumpur), T-Hop at 6th Floor

(Next to Greenbox Karaoke)


10 AM - 10 PM

- No overnight queueing allowed (We want you ELFs to have ample rest :P)

- Counters will accept cash and credit card payments. (9 counters !!)

- Maximum purchase of 6 tickets per person.

Kindly note that online sales of tickets( or physical purchase of tickets at all AirAsiaRedTix counters in Malaysia will only commence from 20 Feb 12noon. These will be subject to availabilty and a maximum purchase of 6 tickets per person.

Participating AirAsiaRedTix Counters (20th FEB, 12 Noon)

Victoria Music Centre

1) Sg Wang – Tel: 603-2148 7208

2) Bangsar Shopping Centre – Tel: 603-2093 1093

Rock Corner

1) 1 Utama – Tel: 603-7725 5667

2) Subang Parade – Tel: 603-5636 9520

3) Mid Valley Megamall – Tel: 603-2284 1423

4) Ampang Point – Tel: 603-4251 0116

5) KLCC – Tel: 603-2161 9417

Seating plan will be up right next! Thank you for your patience and Happy Valentine's Day <3 to the lovely ELFs and your loved ones!

credit RITS FB

here some infor regarding the pre-sale... but sorry still no seating plan... but they said they will post it next.. hopefully tomorrow..

since there will be 9 counters so hopefully the pre-sale will be in order..

bout the bulk purchase...please don't worry to much.... i think RITS will set the limit.. coz i think RITS will only allocate one area...

Monday, February 7, 2011

SS3 Malaysia - Super Show 3 Ticketing Info (EDITED 10/2/11)


Super Show 3 - The Third Asia Tour

Date: SAT 19 March 2011

Time: 6 PM

Venue: Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil


Rock Pitt RM 480

Terrace Seats RM 480

Balcony Seats RM 370

Partial Restricted View RM 220

Launch of Ticket Sale Event for Super Junior's SUPER SHOW 3 in Kuala Lumpur

Venue: Sungei Wang Mall

Date: 19th February 2011

Time: 10 AM - 10 PM

according to RITS there will be limit on pre-sale 6 tix per person... so no buying in bulk... no choose of seat but i think we still can choose the area..

Online Ticket Sales at (20 Feb - 19 March 2011)

Credit RITS FB

Finally the info is out... but there still no seating plan,.. so i don't know where is where except the rockpit... so get ready you guys...^^

see you next saturday at Sg. Wang ^^

Saturday, February 5, 2011

SS3 Malaysia Trailer.. by MYSJ ^^

Credits to: MYSJ @ Super Junior Malaysia Fan Site

Special edit by us to show the support for Super Show 3 Live in Malaysia ^^

Info source : RITS facebook
Video source : ETN,Super Show I & II
Video edit by : MYSJ

EXCITED!!! it is not official but the person who did this must get full credit ^^ totally give me goosebump ^^

eye candies from ss3 Bangkok ^^

sorry.. i am sungmin bias hehehe.. but i took lots od pictures.. every member of super junior.. but i only put here sungmin... actually i took so many pictures maybe more than 100... can't share it here...

here some of my fancam ^^

Monday, January 31, 2011

another update bout SS3 Malaysia

RITS just update that they will release the info of SS3 Malaysia after CNY so stay tune... they just finished SS3 in Singapore let's give them some time to rest ^^

view from my seat ^^

oh yeah i have fun in SS3 Singapore but sadly my handphone battery dead before the concert started TT_TT but it's ok coz i can see the boys ^^

Monday, January 24, 2011

details SS3 tickets will be release around Feb.. so stay tune ^^

RITS just post something in their FB.. last week they did mention that the details will be out this week.. but maybe becoz of SS3 in Singapore this week.. so i guess they delayed the info... ^^ but it is ok next week will be Feb rite... ^^ so just hang on for 1 more week..

this week i will be leaving to Singapore.. so i'll update soon ^^

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

News for SS3 Malaysia WEE!!!! scream everybody!!!!!

remember RITS? the organizer SS3 in Singapore!!!! they are the new organizer for SS3 in Malaysia!!! so yeah!!! at last we can see Suju again in Malaysia!!! i really wanna jump like crazy!!!i'm so happy this already been confirm by RITS in their Facebook.. i will update details from time to time... but sadly they did change the date from the original date new details stated as below...

event : SS3 Malaysia
Date :19/3/2011
Venue : Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil

RITS will release the price, the seating plan next week so stay tune ok...

if you have any question fell free to email me at i try my best to answer all your question ok...

Saturday, January 15, 2011

where am i rite now? ^^

i'm posting this entry from Bangkok... ^^ yeah i'm attending the SS3 in bangkok with my friends... last nite show totally awesome!!! the boys looks having so much fun... heheheheh even they got some technical problems in audio i guess but for me i totally enjoy the show... been waiting for this.... i take lots of pictures but this time i didn't take lots of video.. the security tight even i'm taking a photo with my handphone they asked me.. they thought it was camera.. but i said to them.. it's a handphone so they just left... to be safe i only take pictures..