Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year & Happy Min's Day ^^

i really love new year coz i can wish Lee Sungmin Happy Birthday... some people said they hate new year coz they grow older... for me age is just a number.. let's fill it with a precious memories...
to my aegyo prince see you next month.. i mean a few days more in bangkok & singapore .. promise !!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

bye bye 2010

december already.... so many things happened during the year 2010.. some were sad & some happy... that's life... but never regret it.. even the bad memories will give me a good memories... what the hell i'm talking about hahhaha.. i don't have any idea rite now.. long time i didnt write in my blog... just wanna write something... i'll will always update this blog...

to people who asked bout SS3 in Malaysia.. i'm so sorry until now i don't know will there be SS3 in Malaysia...

i'll be heading to Singapore & Bangkok next month.. i'll make sure that i'll never missed any Super Show.. since SS1..

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

why some people so greedy TT_TT

this is totally pissed me off... how can some people so greedy.. why this happen in suju fandom.. i'm not sure whether they are suju fans or not.. the price already expensive.. but some people did bought the tix & then suddenly sell in in a higher price.. i'm not kidding i really hate that person who did that.. so ashamed to acknowledged they are an ELF...everybody try hard to buy the tix.. the one who really wanna watch suju perform .. but this greedy fella really makes them cry... IF YOU DON'T WANNA GO DON'T BUY IT!!.. GTH TO THOSE PEOPLE!!!