Thursday, April 29, 2010

Malaysian ELF Support for Super Junior 4th Album

calling Malaysian ELFs!!! anyone who interested to join this project kindly contact the blogger by providing your detail at the blog..

i'm not sure whether i can't join this since i'm a little busy rite now... i only can do the online promotion... but on the feild... i'm so short of time...

story about my age

some people seem like reluctant to talk about their age.. when somebody ask about your age most of them will answer "guess ler?" or "how old do i look?" .... for me... it totally different... when someone ask how old am i.. i just answer straightforward... this happened several times when i was in seoul everybody that i met curious about me especially when i walked alone since i wore this tudung (scarf).. i just greet them sincerely... & the when the ask about my age & i answer them.. they seems surprised... be honest... i'm going to be 33 this year hahaha... that's lotssss rite... to old to be a fangirl... i'm noona fans hahahaha... but its' ok as long as i enjoying my life..

there are 1 new staff & i attachment student in my office.. ok i always fooling around in the office.. but when i'm doing my work.. sometimes i looks serious hehehehe. of coz ler.. i do fooling around coz sometimes i do feel sleepy..

one day the attachment student asked me other staff age.. & she just nodded.. & when she asked my age .... & i said i'm 33 she like... NOOOOOO WAYYYY.. lor i'm said the truth.. she said i look like 20++.. she wasn't the first one to say that.. so it was a compliment to me..even in korea also i have this experience when i took a cruise at hangang river the korean people who took the cruise like stands around me since i can speak korean even not that good but still understandable ler ekekkeke... they also look surprise when i told them my real age..

actually i not look that young ler... compare to my others friends.. they look younger than me.. maybe my character playful that makes me look younger.. the other factor maybe i'm not married yet hahahaha..

maybe some people said wow she is boasting!... no... i'm not... why did i post this blog entry? just to let people know age is just a number... since you will live only a short time in this world .try to enjoy your life to the fullest... but in right way... not beyond it..

anyway don't be ashamed to tell the truth about your age.. sometimes it built your confident.. u know...

Friday, April 23, 2010

my korean class seem to be ended...ㅠ ㅠ

i'm quiting my korean class.. not because i losing interest over korean language.. no never... i will definitely continue it.. nowadays practise using it in twitter... with suju member & some ELFs.. hahahah... all i can say... lack of time.. since i will start to attend new course this 8/5 until maybe end of June.. every Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 5.30pm.. so it will be a full days for the whole week.. i hope i can handled it...

what course i've taken.. for now.. let it be secret.. all i can say.. for the sake of my future... i'm hoping for the best for me in future...

thanks to my auntie at least he trusted me.. i will try to do my best... & please pray hard for me ok.. even i'm busy with my course & everything i will definitely not gonna miss my fangirling.. still have nite life ok even sometimes i gonna be tired.. but that life... even my favourite group work hard for their future too...


my baby..

currently i'm taking a piano class with sam... usually on Friday nite... twice a month. how good am i? i'm still a beginner.. i mean TOTALLY BEGINNER!!! hahahahhaha... i'm having a problem before tjis coz my left hand won't move ekekekekeke... but after several practise kinda ok.... staring with basic.. theory.. lol seems i'm taking the class for the exam.. even sam always said that he gonna die to see our performance & when we kinda lost when he asked the theory part hahahahaha.... sorry sam...

hopefully i'm gonna be able to play smoothly..

Saturday, April 17, 2010

last performance of Ming Gil Dong

18/4 will be the last day of Hong Gil DOng the Musical.. since yesung did the opening & now it's time for Sungmin does the closing... i'm feel so lucky coz i got the chance to watch the musical.. when we love something we will try to fulfill it..

sungmin did cried on the 15/4 performance... seriously i never heard that he cried during the Akilla... maybe he still new back then.. but HGD totally different... he always post something about HGD in his cyworld... actually compare to Akilla & HGD musical i think Sungmin did better in HGD.. you should see how he improved... in acting.. in singing.. he may not a very good singer in super junior... he actually in the middle.. yeah rite.. he knew it.. he mentioned it before... but for me... he always the best.. nothing wrong being average.. he should be proud that.. he got many talent.. not all people has that.. know a lots of things is the advantage that sungmin has...

i'm so proud seeing him trying to do his best in everything.. sometimes i do hope that he didn't push himself to the limit... he try his best to show to people that he can & good at something... believe me... there are many people out there notice your talents sungmin.... & i'm one of them....^_^

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Lee Hyukjae 0404

Lee hyukjae.. asia achovy, dance machine, cry baby whatever they call u. 2nd person i love the most in super junior.. ok he my top 2 in Super Junior.. i really admire him actually.. the best memories that i had was during super show coz most of the time he stay in front of us... & during shining star... my line hahahahah so sporting.. i said that i don't care i want to make the love sign using my hands.. & the best thing was,... my friends at that area did it together & at that moment eunhyuk did the same thing towards us.. hahahaha... we was like YES YES YES!!@ eunhyuk saw us & he respnded to us... hahahahaha... you can check it out at fancam... at that time i really want him to cry hahahahahha bad me...

eunhyuk aaaa saegil cukhahaeyo....^__^