Friday, May 21, 2010

Bonamana 1st win

rushing home just to watch Music Bank... the boys keep tweeting & Upload some pictures.. how could they do that to me...i'm working!!! but couldn't focus... it wasn't sungmin who keep tweeting but heenim, donghae & hyukkie... TT_TT but luckily after 3pm got problem with internet connection in the office so i can work peacefully hahahha...

soonest i reached home i saw that Syifa' & syahmi not back yet... so that's mean i can watch KBSW & MUSIC BANK!!! yeah!!! turn to chanle 303 it was 2PM... just waited patiently & then the boys out!!!! super gorgeous super handsome love the out fit love the dance love the performance but sadly they cut the song TT_TT ...

but at the end i was so nervous... waiting for the result... dang!!! as expected SUPER JUNIOR WON 1st award for Bonamana.. i was screamed!!!! happiness overload... love SUPER JUNIOR LOVE ELF!!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Oh My Lady..... jjang!! siwon (super Junior Jjang!!)

yesterday i wanted to post something but kinda bz coz i watched Oh My Lady Drama last ep at viikii.. i'm totally in love with sungminwoo.. the character really suitable with siwon hahahhaa... ok enough of that.. i gonna make it as my collection hahah.. siwon is not on my top list of super junior.. coz he got so many fans already.. so i just looking for others.. but in this drama he totally impressed me.. ^__^

i love this drama... i never tot that i will continue to watched it but from first ep i tottaly stcuk with it.. every week i've been wating for this drama... you guys should see it too.. & then you judges... i'm not into drama but this drama makes me laughed... fell in love... miss my family... cried...

to be honest at first i just wanna see how siwon acting... he tottaly improved.. i mean a lotsss he such a talented young man. he can sing.. good looking... got beautiful body... he tall hahahah... he can sing... he can dance...wth i'm writing.. he just talented... heheheheheh

this is my favourite song from the drama.. i love this fan to the person who made this video... totally jjang

Monday, May 10, 2010

미인아 (보나마나) the full song released

today 10/5/2010 the full song released... i was like a cray person coz it released during working hour.. i don't have speaker in the office.. pity me.. i was ready comments from my friends & also suju members at twitter... i was about to cry coz how can i'm the only one who can't hear the song.. & during the lunch break i sat at kak maz desk & search for the song at youtube hahaha

& then when i heard the song for the first time i was like... OMONA!!! like listening to Hindustan song hahahhahaah i was laughing like crazy hahahahhahaahah then kak maz asked me is that hindustan song ... i laughed louder hahahhahahahaahhahaah no ler it's korean song... honestly i can't catch any korean words when i heard the song.... i was concertrated to the song & kak maz thought i try to understand the song.. but i said to her that i try to recognize my hubby voice hahahahah.. she was like @_@ this girl is crazy hahhaha

but 2nd time i heard the song... gosh the song was like catchy.. & i fall in love with it & can't wait for the MV & comeback stage..

SUPER JUNIOR JJANG!!!!!!! now i changed my background music.... hahahhaha

Saturday, May 8, 2010

the MV teaser.. super junior super hot!!!

at last yesterday the MV teaser was out... iwas like huargh!! the looks so hot especially eeteuk... so much skin heheheh but it's ok he already grow up ler.. have to except the fact.. but gladly my sungmin didn't show much skin hahahha.. not ready to show it...for me not suitable with his image hahhaha here is the teaser

enjoy ok...

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

they started to tease us ekekekek

may already? it means the comback of my favourite korean group getting nearer & nearer.. to day got sms from norfy.. she was like spazzing in her sms about min looking hot... argh!! i can't stand it ... luckily my bos not in yet during that time... & just log in into the twitter & then ZASSSS!!! look for the picca link.. & yesss!! it wasn't sungmin picture only.. it the teaser for the new album... & at first i was "where is my min2?" lor i mistaken him with eunhyuk.. hahhahahah lor pathetic can't even recognise her own hubby puhahhahaha.. actually i'm affarid i will kantoi with my bos ler... hahhahaha ... & after several time watching the picca & lor min2 picca is the biggest one hahahahahahah mengong... i was like OMG!!!! HE TOTALLY HOT!!!!!! argh.. i'm going crazy again...

despite the excitement.. there is sad news.. kibum, kangin & hannie will not joining the rest of suju member... as we know.. hannie with his lawsuit matters... kibum SM said that he will concerntrate with the acting... & kangin going to join the army... but why now they telling us... they should told us earlier coz we are waiting for theor comeback for the 4th jib.. indeed the 3rd jib was a big success but.... seeing 13 of them in one stage is priceless.. i think every ELFs wll agree with me.. but why we ELFs did not boikot SM.. we can't coz.. how about the 10 boys who work hard for the preparation of the 4th album... all i know all of the whether they stay together or separated they always be known as Super Junior member. that the fact.. no one can deny it...

whatever happen my heart will always be with them.. to every single member... you once stole my heart.... & i will never give it to other kpop band... that also the fact... coz for me SUper Junior totally special... they make me fall in love with kpop....

Super junior Hwaiting!!! ELFs Hwaiting!!!!