Tuesday, June 28, 2011

We Have extra Spao Birthday cap for Heechul & DOnghae

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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lost my Lappy TT_TT

Yesterday someone broke into my house.. i was not in.. went to e@curve to see Aaron Aziz & plan to watch KL Gangster for 4th times...around 2pm i received a phone call from my sister said that someone broke into my house. i was so shocked because my little sister was in the house during that time.. but Thank God that she was ok. police, my uncle, mu aunty and my older sister already arrived... my little sister said she couldn't find my lappy.. i said i left my lappy at living room.. she said it was gone.. i was.. OMG!!! but the only thing that i was thinking that my sister is alright.. losing my lappy it's ok i can find a new one.. but something happen to my sister i can;t accept it... since i got work to be submitted this morning.. last nite i went to find a new book.. the money which i budgetted to go to Sungmin's Musical used to buy the new lappy.. not i'm officially said goodbye to Sungmin's Musical... so sad....

Thursday, June 23, 2011

i'm watchin SHOWDOWN 2011 my Favourite Elecoldxhot!!! aka ECX!!

been following this series... well every wednesday nite 8tv 9.30pm.. i never watch any Malaysia tv show nowadays.. but showdown totally different.. it's dance show.. bboy. breakdance.. street dance whatsoever... ok i'm not a dancer so i donlt know anyting about dancing or the name of the dance hahahhahaa.. but i'm the person who really love to watch people dancing... that why Super Junior is my Favourite.. they can sing & dance very well.. in Malaysia really hard to see people can dance in sync & fast.. but ECX totally change my view about Malaysian Dancer!! THEY ARE AWESOMEE!!!!!!! how can i not lovin them.. they are sooooo talented.. i mean really really talented.. but yesterday their performance was the best!!! i can't stop screamin & also my mouth open for the whole time.. WORLD CLASS PERFORMANCE!! the theme for yesterday was MAGIC!! the did the MAGIC!! gosh you should see it!!! i been watching the video again & again.. how can they dance so cool & GORGEOUS!!!!!!! argh!!! i do hope the win this competition!!! ok here the video for the yesterday performance ^^ enjoy & SCREAMMMM!!

CR ExKlusiveCrew

M&D_뭘봐(Close Ur Mouth)_MUSIC VIDEO

wargh!! this is awesome!! i totally love this.. rock style kinda suit heenim sooooo much!! ok heenim can sing any kind of genre.. Heenim now you don't have to complaint that you only have a few second part in the song... now you got whole song to sing!!!! how do you feel about that... can;t wait to see the performance ^^

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Anybody wanna buy Super Show 3 Super Junior’s First Concert Photobook

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ITEM : Super Show 3 Super Junior’s First Concert Photobook

Pages :188 pages
Size : 308 X 217 X height 22 (mm)
Weight : 1.196kg
Material: Paperback bound, PP transparent cover
Components: Photos 1EA, postcards 14EA

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


my body still feel weak... been vomiting no stop yesterday... soar throat then i got this fever.. which resulted i can't eat at all... i already know that i can easily get a gastrik... yeah.. the worst ever.. i can't even walk.. my head feel dizzy.. i can't even eat or drink. when i eat & drink i'll vomit.. i thought i might be warded but Thank God i still manage to go home..

today i stop vomit.. but my stomach still in pain.. my fever getting better... but still take the medicine..

Please everyone take care of your health...