Thursday, February 16, 2012

SS4 SG here I Come ^^

me & my friends will be heading to SIngapore this weekend.. ^^ i manage to grab the tix online ... which seat & zone? hehehehhehe i'll update you later ok..

i'll attend the 2nd day concert.. this trip we decided to take a train... ouch! a really loooong journey.. i hope my back will be nice to me ...

i'm gonna see my boys this weekend wehhhhaaa!!!

If your going to SS4 SG have funs & if you see me just say hi ok ^^..

See you there ^^

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Currently Obsess with The Moon That Embraces The Sun ^^

When talking about drama... i'm not the person who follows Korean Drama very well.. i'm picky.. hahhahaha only watch the drama because of the actors or actresses whom i like the most..

I saw lots of people talking this drama .. on my twitter & also face book..

I met with my friends last 2 weeks. she already download 4 ep of this drama & she said this drama really good.. ok i just copied it.

It was a long holiday in Malaysia... so what i did? i marathon the Drama... one by one ep.. & DAMN!! i fall in love with all the cast!! the Drama, the songs everything!!!

I already watch it 3 times from ep 1 to 12 hahahahahhahaah...

This drama is based from a book ^^... but i still can't manage to get the english ver of the book.

but it's ok if i read the book maybe the effect kinda different... i always loves the books ver compare the movie or drama ver.

right now i fall in love with the Lee Hwon ^^ such a great & smart King ^^