Friday, October 30, 2009

Sendbill CF

sungmin's appa is a president of a company..
suju member sang the song even acting in the CF..
i adore the way they support each other..

i wish i related to them .... aaaa sungmin's appa is my father in law hahahhaa..

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Canon Rock by oppa band... @ jungmo solo

Totally awesome.. i really love Canon.. the classic or rock version whatever version... i made one of sungmin's video using canon rock version..

i totally love oppa band.. & then during the final concert .. they did canon rock version.. i was like *_*.. my favourite.... they playing my favourite song!!! like they dedicate that song for me.. only for me... hahahhahahah perasan....

yeah oppa band dedicated the song to their fan.. which is me.. hahahhaha

here is the video...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Meeting Lee Min Ho ^_^

hahahha... my sis said.. tak dok keje len ker men kejar2 ngan artis korea hahahha...

what to do... her little sis like crazy about korean... hahaha

actually i didn't watch the BOF drama until end... i only watch it half way.. but i knew all the cast.. before this i met ji hoo & now junpyo..

lor minho he soo tall. we can see him from afar... i was like.. omo he soo tall.. he can be easily notice hahahahahhaha....

he is soo handsome.. & sweet always smiling....

i manage to cath his video... clear one.. hahaha he just rite in front of me..

Sunday, October 25, 2009

My new Lover "MING"

wonder who is "MING" hahahah.. actually "MING" is my new car.. even only SAGA BLM.. but i should be proud of him... MING is my 2nd car.. i trade it my MINNIE (my kancil) because i have problem with my leg.. i can't drive manual car due to cramp... at first i wanna buy Myvi but to expensive.. i need to budget all my salary because i have an expensive hobbies... if not.. i wanna sambar that VIOS.. but it's ok.. as long i got a car..

say hello to my 'MING' hahaha i named it because..... hahahha u already knew it why...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

My MING <3

hahahha i wanna tell something about my MING!! but i haven't take his picture yet... maybe tomorrow i will post about him.. my new lover.. yeah of coz!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

fever again T_T

what can i say... i really hate fever.. but dugaan... i accepted it.. Today get MC... the whole day been sleeping.. like sleeping beauty except the beauty part... can change it to ugly hahahhaha... even i kinda dizzy wizzy i managed to pick up "MING" from SHOP :P ... wonder who / what it is... i will post it soon.. not today.. maybe after saturday... i really love make surprised... ^__^

actually feeling much better but... idk.. kinda fever come again... hopefully it will gone tomorrow... it gonna be bz day tomorrow...


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

dimana ada kemahuan di situ ada jalan

i've been practising this pepatah since i was young & until today... i will try to achieve what i'm planning to do & sometimes looks impossible...i will never give up until i know that thing is truely impossible..

actually i found this video... really touching video.. my friends show me the video.. but only Pantene CF in Thailand.. but this one true amazing.. like the pepatah... even deaf person can play music instrument.. not only CF but in real life.. i already download this video bcoz.. i really like it...

enjoy ^_^ i'm not sure about you... but everytime i watched this video... it totally give me goosebump...

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Friday, October 16, 2009

you're beautiful fever + suju lover... hahahah

hahahhahaha i don't know waht to say... is there any relation between suju with this drama? i wonder who was the script writer of this drama? hahahha....

the part when she called out all suju members name hahahahhahahaha..

this one hahahahhahaah sorry sorry

p/s : how can i not love this drama ^__^

Thursday, October 15, 2009

watching drama after several years...

You're beautiful.. i really love this drama... thanks to my chinguya.. airah ssi... after visited her blog i saw her post about this drama... the genre that i really love comedy romantic drama.. (i doesn't mean that i forgotten about suju hahahah .. SUJU my priority!!!)

some scene in this drama realated to suju how excited... some scene shoot at cooking2 MV location.. they did parady for cooking2 MV & Sorry2 ... hahahahha i really love this drama...

i'm not good in make a summarization about drama but. this drama totally awesome.. you can laughed hardly.. feel sweet towards some scene.(^__^) you can feel sad too...

here the clip of the drama

this my favourite song from the OST.. yeah sad song... i don't know y i like this kind of song...

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


something wrong with the counting..... not only happen to me... but also with my frens blog!! mwuya!!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

sungmin in Oppa Band

after i heard that oppa band going to be cancelled.. TOT i'm so sad.. i really love that show.. even i watched it without subtitle but ok. i try to understand it.. at least i can improve my korean...that show is so funny.. but i'm not sure why the rating is low.. i remember when i went to korea last July... i met sora she watched that show too.. she also said that show is funny... especially Tak Jae Hun.. at first i watched that show becoz of sungmin... i'm not denied it.. but after watched it for several episod without missed it... i even DL it.. i think the show really interesting.. the way they practice.. they really hardworking.. everytime the perform everybody seem enjoyed it.. yeah.. maybe they lack of expertise but for me.. they are good performer.. sometime due to busy schedule, sungmin didn't participate.. but i still wait for the show.. i'm so addicted to that show...

i really hope MBC didn't cancelled it...

kim gura oppa, yuma oppa, shindongyup oppa, tak jaehun oppa...hwaiting!!..

Sungmin & jungmo is younger than me hahahha... i don't care..

Jungmo oppa & sungmin Oppa hwaiting!!!

inhyeong... too hwaiting!!!

Friday, October 9, 2009

feel sad.

cr mrjenpoo @ yt

ok this sound like "POYO" but i totally feel like crying now.. soooooooooo sad.. i wanna watch this musical.. sound soo stupid...kinda funny too.. when sungmin singing AKILLA.... AKILLA.... lor like he said... "come watch my musical..." lor i must be crazy... huhuhuhu... fangirling over the limit.. butterfly in my stomach... what the hell i'm writing.. i should get some sleep.. huhuh... naaa better for me play game & listen to this song too hahhahhaa...

p/s :fangirling.......

Akilla Musical- Sungmin

cr aneng007 @ yt

credits on pic & baidu & super sungmin @ wordpress
cr & Sungmin baidu & super sungmin @ wordpress

it started... TOT.. seeing this video.. OMG!!!! i so jealous... crazy jealous...TOT...why they had to pose like that... TOT... lol the make up.. look like chinese opera ....@_@ but it's musical.. musical is art.. i love his voice there... & the outfit of coz more cute pie... can't wait for the fancam... i hope i can watch it even fancam... sungmin ssi..hwaiting!!

p/s : this akilla is killing me huhuhu....

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tsunami @ Haeundae..

watching movie with my officemate.. Naza & Nureen.. actually i'm not in a good mood previous day.. the problem was i really wanna cry but i couldn't...

it really difficult for me to cry... then i remember that i have yet watch the movie tsunami @ Haeundae.. i really wanna watch that movie.. & then i told Naza & Nureen how about watching movie tonite... so they agreed.. actually Naza got a really bad day today... so me & Naza thought that we need to watch this movie .. so we can cry... yeah the movie really sad... but me & naza can't cry at all.. but Nureen cried instead of us.. hahahah & we like... how can you cry so easily.. she said that movie really sad... so she cried..soft heart... & it looks like me & Naza heartless.. T_T...

mission failed... huhuhuhu

Wednesday, October 7, 2009



Genie : "tell me your wish.."

Me : "I wish i got the ticket for akilla.."

Genie : "you got money?"

Me : "not really..wait a minute... aren't you suppose to grant my wish?"

Genie : "Yeah... but i only got 1 tix... & i wanna go. hahahha"

Me : " Bad Genie!!!!" @_@.. "i wish you lost your tix"

Genie : "You're little rascal!!!"

Me : " ^_^"

P/S : cam nih ler keadaannyer biler dah giler bayang....

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

waiting for My SUper Junior Premiun Live in Japan DVD

i don't know what to post hahahha... but suddenly i remember early this morning i saw @ yesasia the cover for the DVd is out .. simple black & white again...

the DVD will be out on 4th of november... can't wait for it

Monday, October 5, 2009

Tell me your wish by Super junior

MBC dance battle where the artist compete with each group.. the didn't dance to their song.. super junior compete with SDSD where SNSD perform sorry sorry and smooth criminal.. awesome

& super junior perform tell me your wish where they combine most of the idol dance step hahah... CREATIVE... yeah really interesting.. hahahhaa

cr pllkboey @ youtube

Saturday, October 3, 2009

new sonsaengnim...

today our first calss with new sonsaengnim... last week lucy sonsaengnim told us that our new sonsaengnim will be yoja... but surprisely when i went to the class today...namja sonsaengnim... huhuhu...

at first me & mai ssi like.. OMONA!! ottoke... before this we only study with yoja sonsaengnim... our new sosaengnim not young man ler.. ajushi hehehehe.. so We tought it will be difficult... but after sometimes time it's ok already... our new sonsaengnim's name is Ezra Park.. i only put his english name..easier... another surprise was.. he can speak Malay very well.. hahahahaha lucky we didn't say anything bad about him... hahahahahaha.. he still don;t know our fangirling things hahahaha...i try to keep it as a secret... not sure how long i can keep it.. Pooja oonie came a little bit late.. so i just wrote a note to her not say anything bad in front of our sonsaengnim in Malay ahahahaha... overall our class really interesting.. we can get a long well.. very well actually.. sadly no picture of or new sonsaengnim hahahaa.. not that crazy.. if sonsaengnim is woman there should be not problem... but he is man.. so it kinda problem hahahahaa...

ops before i forgot after my hangul class i join japanase language clas.. noooo i'm not learning Japanese.... just joinging them eating ahahahaha.. the cooking actually... aaarrrr i fogot the name of the food but it really tasty...^__^..

after finish eating... me Hadiff & Yana... went to koko noraebang... hahahha... ajushi nomu bogoshippoyo... we wished him Happy Chuseok day... hahahah we norae about 3 hours.. yo ler... more than a month we didn't go to noraebang.. fasting month maaa hahahaha...

P/s : Our new sonsaengnim when he laughed.. sound like Arwah sudirman... maybe only me thinking like that