Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Super Junior Super Show Malaysia Balloon

me & my friend thinking of making some project for the Super Show in Malaysia...

currently we making a balloon for the super show.. it's not official goods since it so difficult to find kpop goodies in Malaysia & some are so expensive due to limitation.

since Super Junior will having a concert here in Malaysia my friends started to design a ballon specially for the event... we will make an order for the balloon depends on the demand..

here is the sample of the balloon

cr design to my friend Yana @ Cariforum

if you interested we sell the balloon RM1.50 each min order is 2 pcs..(excluding postage charges)

if you interested in buying the balloon kindly email me at danhobak77@yahoo.com by giving me your detail & orders

1) name :

2) Address : (if you want me to post it to you)

3) contact no :

4) amount of balloon :

the due date to place the order is on 5/2/2010

please make the payment latest on the due date coz i will only proceed the order depend on the order that confirmed...

5) kindly make the payment through the maybank account below


6) please provide me the proof of payment for my record purpose such as bank in slip or if you using the online banking please print screen the receipt & email me..

if you have any further queries you can contact me using the email address above



Monday, January 25, 2010


starting 2010 with some crazy plan hahahhaa... today... i wanna scream!! i'm so happy!!! i wanna jump!!!! jump!!

i'm gonna make my dream come true...

MIN AAAAA SARANGHAE!!!! am i the super duper crazy min's fans... i guess there are lotssssssss min's fan like me... i only tiny little winny huhuhuhuh

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hong Gil Dong Teaser

lor the teaser like... mulan mulan!!! come2 watche me.. again.. i think min2 been calling me.. lor berhalusinasi wakakakaka... will i do the crazy thing again this year... hahahha


sungmin & yesung look sooooo hot... instead of musical i really hope they got the cahnce to be cast in a drama.... will wait for that day...they both are good actor...

Thursday, January 21, 2010


ok.. i'm kinda crazy rite now..today the teaser of Hong gil dong is out.. & now time to CRY!!! T_T i really wanna go.. this time sungmin look really really hot & cool.. why.. it action Musical... i know sungmin is really good in martial art.. Oh my gosh... if only i knew how to buy the tix.. where can i buy the tix!!!!!! T_T... yeah i'm crazy .. if i got the tix i don't care i will fly to korea.. even i go there alone huhuhhuu....

sungminaaaaaa!!!! T_T.. i missed akilla... & now i miss Hong Gil Dong too. i do hope they produce it in DVD... plz... help fangirl like me... hhuhuhuh

ok sungmin & yesung look sooo HOT!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010


i'm to tired & excited at the same time... queueing since 7.45am in the morning... luckyly i'm among the earliest to arrive... tix counter open around 10.30am...got my tix around 11.50am... walla!!!

now going the wait for the concert.. my area at L13.. don't dare standing ler.. need lots of stamina hahhaa...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


indeen a very good new to Malaysian ELFs... at this moment i feel numb... still can't beleive it.. i already accept that there will be no Super Show in Malaysia... suddenly last nite got SMS from leen & idie... they said super show in Malaysia... i tot it on TV becoz it new chinese new year aldy.. so i guess TV will show some concert & then i read the sms again SUper Junior 2nd super show live in Malaysia 20/3/2010!!!! i was like jump from my bed & directly go o my computer & leen aldy paste the link at her facebook... & i click it YEAH!!! they coming... my super hero is coming to town.. ok i need to go to work... i'm having a fever rite now.. so my mind kinda blurry.. i just put the link & picture here

for any detail & enquiry here is the link to the site


will edit this post when i'm back from work..

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

lovin boy band...

since i'm in school.. started with NKOTB...BSB..Nsync....& now super junior..i really love the boy band group... especially dance group... since i am kaki bangku... can't dance heheheh.. so i adore the person who can dance & sing well at the same time..

to day i heard on the radio english song which i didn't hear for a long time.. kinda lost about english song.. huhuhu. i asked my colleague whose song was that.. she said.. BSB straight through your heart... gosh... i didn't knew they had a new song...

kinda missed them huhuhu...

sharing the MV

p/s my feveret is Brian hahahahha

Thursday, January 7, 2010

010110 H@PpY bIRtHD@Y tO My CUte & ChARism@tIC GuY LeE SunGMiN (^_^)

actually i having a difficult time to choose the song & also the pictures.... :P it a little bit late but... honestly... i satisfied becoz i did it ^_^

sooo tired huhuhuhu

saengil cukhahae naiu saranghaneun saram.. ^_^

----<------<@@@@ p(^_^)q

cr me hehehhe

i'm waiting for my DVD super Junior Premium Live in Japan

YEAH!!!! kinda excited lately... my DVD was out already... this DVD should be out on Novemeber last year but due to some problem.. it has been delayed... & 6/1/2010 the date of the DVD released i got email form HVM (Japan online shop.... kinda expert rite now in online shopping hahahahha becoz of suju)...

& today i check the DVD status & guess waht.. it already in Malaysia !!!!! & the important thing it passed custom hahahhaha.. i hope i will received ot tomorrow.. & i don't know how will i reacted when the DVD arrived hahaha... will I like jumping around like before hahahhahaha....

here some eyes candy...

cr: haruki137 @ yt