Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Super Junior Super Show Malaysia Balloon

me & my friend thinking of making some project for the Super Show in Malaysia...

currently we making a balloon for the super show.. it's not official goods since it so difficult to find kpop goodies in Malaysia & some are so expensive due to limitation.

since Super Junior will having a concert here in Malaysia my friends started to design a ballon specially for the event... we will make an order for the balloon depends on the demand..

here is the sample of the balloon

cr design to my friend Yana @ Cariforum

if you interested we sell the balloon RM1.50 each min order is 2 pcs..(excluding postage charges)

if you interested in buying the balloon kindly email me at danhobak77@yahoo.com by giving me your detail & orders

1) name :

2) Address : (if you want me to post it to you)

3) contact no :

4) amount of balloon :

the due date to place the order is on 5/2/2010

please make the payment latest on the due date coz i will only proceed the order depend on the order that confirmed...

5) kindly make the payment through the maybank account below


6) please provide me the proof of payment for my record purpose such as bank in slip or if you using the online banking please print screen the receipt & email me..

if you have any further queries you can contact me using the email address above




Anonymous said...

yes it true its hard to get suju goodies with good price.....hehhehe

Koreanfanatic said...

Onni order n bayar kat kelas ye...

mulan77 said...

onni.. ok.. no problem ^_^

izzah said...

aku dh place order kat hadiff~hihi

airah said...

kalo ler belon nih dpt pass kat bebudak suju....bangga seh ekekeke

mulan77 said...

@ izzah noted...

@ airah.. hahaha.. pe lagi.. seat kat depan nanti kiter try bagi ler ekekekeke

kyon-kyon chan said...

nk tanye, kalo by hand nk jumpe kt mana ek yg senang.. n kalo by post brape total harga?

btw, saye share this balloon at my FB..hopefully my friends pon berminat gak..hehe~~

mulan77 said...

klu nak jumpa kat area KL boleh.. mid valley KLCC tak kisah..nak jumpa time konsert pun ok... just email nnti me bagi hp no ok

klu post express me charge RM2.50 jer

klu nak post biasa pakai setem RM0.30 hehhehehe..

.mas. said...

OMG I found out about this late! Do you still sell it?
Please email me with more details, if I can still get it from you.


.mas. said...

Sorry should have left an email address too..haha

here it is: mas.ainun@gmail.com