Monday, August 30, 2010

my Super Show Tickets

It started on 2008 first Super Junior Concert in Bangkok Thailand.. my true addiction hahhaa.. i calculate in Ringgit Malaysia for the concert tickets i spent almost RM2000

in SS1 i only went to Bangkok Thailand coz it nearer to Malaysia..

SS2 i went the first day at seoul ... 2 days & then on Bangkok i went 2 days... & lastly in Malaysia 1 day... in total 5 days i went to the concert..

the best part i watched different performance in SS2 especially the dance battle, gee & chu performance... & also kyu different solo performance..

didn't i feel bored to watched the same performance? no.. i think you asked the wrong person.. for me, Super Junior never makes me feel bored. their performance is enjoyable.. & creative... that is why i love them..

Friday, August 27, 2010

SS3 fever started hahaha

ottoke.... last nite i had a dream... lor.. i think i keep thinking bout the SS3 hahahahha... dreamt about SS3 in Malaysia... lor... the concert will be next year... i can't wait & feel excited bout it..

waiting bout the pre-sale date info from the organizer.. when will they release the pre-sale date.. i hope it will not be postponed.. since i already reserved my money for the tix..

hopefully it gonna be soon.. Redstar hwaiting!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Malaysian ELF project for SS3

as usual i'm spreading the news only hehehehe..
calling Malaysian ELF or any foreigner ELF who planning to go to Malaysia SS3.. if you want to see super junior wear Baju Melayu (Our National Costume) please visit this site & please state your name & your age

Monday, August 16, 2010

i really love Shake it up dance step... ^^

my favourite performance so far in SS3... thanks to the person who get to record this video... even i can;t make it to seoul this time.. but watching some fancam totally make my day...

credit elfancam @ yt for uploading & sharing this.. can;t wait SS3 in Malaysia...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

SS3 in seoul 14 &15/8/2010

yesh SS3 in seoul ended already.. now i'm waiting for SS3 in Malaysia which will only be happened next year 26/3/2011.. will wait for a loooooongggg time rite... heheheheh yeah will wait patiently..

this time sooooo many hot scene.. i'm gonna scream like hell if that happened in Malaysia..i really hope it woould't happened... some people gonna bash me if they saw my post hear... yeah you can called me outdated whatever.. i don't care.. i love Super Junior coz of their talent not their hot body... i think the boys will thankful if they knew coz of their talent.. but what they did that coz fan service... :p

so anybody wanna came to Malaysia for the SS3.. i'll be welcoming you with open arm... let's enjoy the concert girls...

wanna know which performance that i really wanna watch? mine would be Shake it up.. what about you? hehehehe

i know some of pink pumpkin got shocked coz of sungmin solo performance... i wouldn't lie... me too.. ok.. that's not the kind of performance that i expecting... i really wanna see your talent min... you can do martial art dance... or other dance.. coz i know you are a really good dancer... if you wanna dance.. but whatever.. as long you have fun i'll always happy for you...i close my eyes.. hahahahahaha & then i scream my lung out... can? i might think about it hahahahahahahaha

My girlfriend is gumiho...

currently been watching this drama... Lee Seung Ki as Dae woong & Mi ah as gumiho..

i really love this drama.. comedy romantic genre is my favourite.. i don't like a heavy drama...

my head gonna be hurt if i watched that kind of drama.. but this drama is love..

Seungki sang the OST.. daebak!! love the song...happy watching you can watch it at viikii..

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Selamat Berpuasa Kepada semua Muslimin dan Muslimat

setelah hampir setahun menghilang.. Ramadhan tiba lagi.. Alhamdulillah kerana tahun ini masih lagi berkesempatan untuk menunaikan ibadah puasa...

ambil kesempatan di bulan mulia ini untuk membuat ibadah sebanyak mungkin.. semoga ibadah kita diterima yang Maha Esa... amin...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

new post from me mtvworldstage

as we all know last saturday mtvworldstage was held in Sunway lagoon Malaysia... actually my friend yana got the pass... she got only 2 passes.. she did sma to me about that.. but i said to her it's ok she can pick anybody to join her to the show.. i have no problem bout it... i don't want her to be trouble bout that.. i know she will have a hard time to choose between us.. for me its ok.. she deserve to choose whoever she want..

but she said she want to give it to me as a birthday present... i kinda shocked & touched.. actually for me.. a wish is good enough.. remember my birthday enough... she didn't have to do that.. but i'm so thankful coz she thought bout me.. Then i got another sms that she can;t make it to the show coz she need to look after her niece.. at first i felt guilty... i really hope that she didn't sacrifice her passes just to make her friends happy.. i feel very very bad.. but she called me she said she;'s ok... so i went there after

so that day.. it was raining heavily.. me & hadiff looked for a raincoat... we managed to buy it.. so we wore it during the show...

it was fun but to time consuming.. they said technical problem caused by the rain.. yeah right.. i almost loose my patient... wanna go back early.. but thinking that yana gave me the passes i should not waste it.. some other people really wanna go but they didn't manage to get the passes so i just wait until the show finished... we manage to see wonder girls.. tokio hotel & katty perry... they are totally good performer..

tokio hotel totally amazed me.. i never knew that their song really good.. lor so long i've not listen to an english song hahahaha.. but yeah i fell for them.. they got my attention ^^... love ya..

wonder girls ok.. they did try their best to communicate with the audience.. kinda nervous but i gave them credit ^^..

here some LQ fancam from me.. only took them with my hp ekekekek..