Sunday, May 22, 2011

wanna grab your bias SPAO Cap??

My online store decided to open order for SPAO cap.. since SPAO d not ship their goods overseas.. we try to make it as lower & affordable as possible.. if you interested you can take a look at my online store HERE

stage for Hari belia in the making ^^

went to Putrajaya to take a look at the stage location.. hehehe the stage not complete yet... but if you wanna see how it look like & the location click HERE

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Ming 101 Cap ^^

YEAHHH!!!! finally i got my Ming Birthday Cap!! Thanks to Kak Jel .. Kak Jel went to Seoul last week... ^^ i really happy that she managed to grab this cap... ^^ luv you kak jel!!! thank you so much!!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Taking order for SUper Junior Bijin (Bonamana) CD+DVD

Hi you guys.. i'm planing to make an order for Bijin (Bonamana) CD+DVD ... as we all know the price for Jap Ver kinda expensive... SO i came to this solution... if you guys interested to buy the album & don't have Credit card to purchase online... i can help you... about the price i'm not sure depend on the currency on that day... so if you guys want me to help you yeah... sure...i budgeted that the price is around RM100... so you need to pay RM100 first let's say the price is below RM100 i'll will refund the balance to u...but if the price over RM100 i hope you guys can pay the balance when we meet up.. i just tryin to help ... when we purchase in bulk we can save shipping cost... so if you guys interested you can email me at

Thursday, May 12, 2011

order for Beast CD & others CD

Ok you guys if you wanna make order for Beast new album or other album... If you wish to request for concert DVD you can request at our online shop MYNC

We try to help you guys to purchase it... about poster yeah we can provide you tube for poster but with an affordable price ^^

don't worry you can ask first about the cost... ^^ if you think it is affordable... you can proceed with order & if not it's ok ^^

we will close the 2nd batch order on 16/5/2011

you can request for CD & DVD such as JYJ, SUper Junior, SNSD, Big Bang, CNBlue or others

Have a pleasant day everyone ^^

Sungmin will be acting in Musical again!!!!

OMG!!! yesterday was a spazzing day for me!! sungmin being cast in a musical again... Jack The Ripper.. gonna search bout this story..

Last time i manage to see Hong Gil Dong Musical.. This time i really wanna see this musical!! It will be starting July 5th through August 14th.

This gonna be my Birthday Present coz my Birthday is in July!!!! yeah!!! jump!! jump!! jump!!!