Thursday, November 21, 2013

My First knitting project!! whew!!

Ok hari nih dalam sejarah hahahahha.... i never knitted before... Zero.. knitting??? i can't even hold the needle properly... guest what.. today i manage knitted beanie... well of coz at first i wanna to make infinity scarft... but the yarn not enuff.. i don't know how much yard needed HAHAHAHAHA...

WHY Knitting? nowadays I'm soooooo sooooo soooo into Lee Jong Suk... sometimes i do felt regret.. WHY I WATCHED SCHOOL 2013 DRAMA??????? TT_TT  can't undo it.. but guest what.. after i knew Jong Suk i can knitted... HAHAHAHA.... 

Well he was appointed as an ambassador Save The Children.. which people need to buy the knitting kit and then make a hat.. i think a baby hat and post it to the the center... I'm not sure.. coz it is in Korea... :P 

 here the Video ^^ 

The ending...... how can i resist it!!! so then I keep looking at youtube learning how to knit... it looks easy but i don't know?? hahhahaha 

Then one day i went to a shop.. sell all sewing.. or whatever it call.. bought the knitting needle.. yarn... even the owner surprise when i bought the knitting needle.. he said "owh  you can knit with 2 needle?" i said... no.. never... i just want to try"  HAHAHAAHHAAH he just smile.. 

So start knitting... of coz i need to look at the video in youtube.. hahahahha... been knitting... then.. OMG!! i miss a step.. need to undo all the kniting.. I did that almost 5 times... about 3 hours... hahahahaha after several try.. owh... not bad... i think i can do this.. ^^ my hand hurt so bad.... maybe coz i'm not used to it...

at first I really wanna make scarf.. but the yarn not enough and i'm scared that i might stop it because it too time consuming.. so i decided.. hmmm why not just finish this as a beanie as my first project... at least i managed to do it hahahah.. so youtubing again... and walla it finished!!

so TADA!!  

since I'm a beginner... of coz... there are lotssss of cacat here and there hahahah.. but who cares.. this is my project.. ^^..

well Jong Suk at least you make noona learn something new... it is interesting ^^... credit to you ^^ 

so until next time... adios!!

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